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Intrepid Exposures is an adventure travel photography tour company running locally sustainable and community orientated photography workshops around the world.

Intrepid Exposures’ unique offering is focused on providing high-quality teaching, authentic experiences away from the beaten tourist trail whilst at the same time offering sustainable travel using locally run accommodation, local guides, and local transportation companies.
Member since: 20 Mar 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

One of the most direct impacts we can have during our tours is contributing to the local economy. In many of the regions we visit, tourism is still a small part of the local economy and so we intend to make sure that as much of our financial impact goes directly into the communities we will be visiting.

This is done through the use of local accommodation, employing our highly skilled local guides, working with talented local operators and suppliers. Finally, all of our food and drink (where possible) will be sourced from local stores, eateries and bars. This is designed to ensure that the local communities reap the greatest benefit from our time there and also giving our travellers the best insight into the community too.
Our success as a business lies in our support of local communities. Our commitment to working with local businesses means that both the operators continue to prosper and the local people, leading to benefits through the whole chain of parties involved with each tour. We insist that any operator we work with pay their local guides and staff above the average salary for the region to ensure that all members of staff on our tours are being fairly compensated for their work 

Environmental responsibility

Intrepid Exposures aims to limit the impact on the environment in the areas in which we visit through a number of different ways. All of our participants will be given our code of conduct for travellers before departure. This code of conduct sets out simple ways in which each traveller can minimise the effects of their presence on the area. Throughout both our tours and in our office, we are committed to recycling and reusing materials where possible to ensure minimal wastage and pollution.
You also won’t find any of our trips supporting the exploitation of animals. We believe that experiencing a culture doesn’t have to be at the detriment to animals and for this reason you’ll never find us visiting attractions such as Tiger temples or Elephant trekking.
In many of the regions we visit, water and electricity may be limited, tourism in these areas can be particularly impactful. In order to reduce our impact, we will be informing our participants on the local issues and discussing any that may apply to the particular tour. Whilst on an Intrepid Exposures tour, participants may be asked to reconsider their use of AC, lights, fans and TVs, especially whilst out of the room. Tips to reduce water usage such as showering over bathing, minimising tap water usage and excessive cloth washing will also be offered to all participants. We will also advise participants to aim for recycling of plastic bottles through refills where possible.

Social responsibility

Before every tour, each traveller will be provided with up to date pre-travel documentation to educate them in the local culture and any important notes regarding the current socio-political situation. As outlined in our environmental responsibility, the pre-tour information will include details on minimising impact to local communities and the environment. Finally, we will provide all our travellers information regarding post-tour travel including recommended projects that cater to the needs of the local communities.

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