Maverick Chefs

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We promote Vegetarian / Vegan cooking holidays with an emphasis on combining education in nutritional values of cooking ingredients. The course takes participants to visit Greek locals in their homes to learn how to prepare recipes handed down through generations. The recipes are analysed and suggestions given to ensure that a balanced diet is maintained. We only employ local Greek people . Courses are 1 week with 6 people maximum. Accommodation is with us or locally.
Member since: 20 Mar 2017

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Economic responsibility

Greece is in a depression. Many talented people are jobless . Our aim is to facilitate local people in sharing the wealth of knowledge they possess in teaching, collaborating and giving the students insight into a world they wouldn't have access to as normal tourists and to be paid a decent wage for their time. All of the produce we buy is sourced from local, organic growers.

We are constantly active in fundraising for refugees in Greece and are currently trying to arrange a cross cultural cooking workshop with Syrian Refugees at Eleonas camp. We support a Roma family ( mother and 5 children ) and donate both money and time to Centrepoint and Crisis in London.

Environmental responsibility

We recycle/ compost everything possible. Our olive grove and vegetable gardens are completely organic. We have full organic status ( 7 years ) which can be checked with this Greek BIO reference number 21361090264/30.
We are located close to a Natura 2000 protected area and are involved in local programmes to protect the African Chameleon and support volunteers .

Social responsibility

Much of the content of our courses is dedicated to preserving local customs and culture from foraging and naming the mant varieties of wild greens we collect with our guests, to baking in traditional wood-fired ovens, learning about local olive oil and wine production and visiting village tavernas to hear local musicians play Rembetika .

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