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We are island adventure travel expert for North Dalmatia archipelago and ski touring expert for the Alps.
- Canoeing Ireland and UIAA certified trips and courses.

Our summer adventure tours are based in on picturesque islands around Zadar and our winter trips are based in Slovenia’s mountain region bordering with Italy and Austria.
Our team is multidisciplinary and professional: certified sports trainers, paddlers (SUP/kayak), mountain guides, yogis and rock climbers.

Malik Adventures specialises in enabling travellers to explore and discover Croatia’s little promoted regions (often with no tourism office or on remote locations) and islands through man-powered adventure tours (SUP, yoga, trekking, kayaking and cycling).

Our focus is on small group, custom tours to some of the most beautiful and hard to reach places in Croatia.

We pride ourselves in:
a) giving access to places (military caving systems, caves, beaches) and family cooperatives and that are hard (and sometimes impossible) to reach on your own and
b) enable travellers to significantly benefit the local communities.
Member since: 30 Mar 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility


We have also partnered with Nature Val - non-profit organization whose aim is to help protect last surviving Dolphins in the Adriatic Sea. Our trip activities are a part of their 2015-17 monitoring project based on Photo ID work. The goal is to recognize individual dolphins in the area around Molat and study their movement patterns. Centre is ran by Veterinary Professor Gomer?i? who has been spearheading dolphin research in Croatia since 1991.
- We make yearly donations to Val association
- We take all our guests to the Dolphin Research centre for introduction presentations
- We contextualize insights about dolphin behaviour and research on the trips as we move through the Dolphin Research Areas with SUPs and kayaks

- 5 families in base on island Molat and 2 families in base on Sali are our key suppliers of accommodation and food. They employ their families and source produce from their relatives.

Environmental responsibility

- We do not encourage interaction with dolphins (feeding) and educate guests about the impact of human interaction with dolphins (research cases from our partner cooperative Val)
- We avoid seagull nesting grounds when they lay their chicks (May-June)

- All trips based on man-powered vehicles (SUP, trekking, kayaking, yoga)
- All transport between bases is absolutely minimized (in a 7 day trip where we cover around 100km per passenger we have only 2 gear transfers by van – 27km in total)

- All suppliers get as much produce locally (local goat cheese, local honey, local jams, eggs and fish)
- Overfishing by large fishing boats is an issue in the archipelago. We do not purchase fish from lager fishers that use ‘small-eye’ nets that decimate young fish populations, but only from small fisherman that catch with ‘large-eye’ nets and fish only outside the mating season.

- Every month we organize beach cleaning activities. We give out free SUP/kayak hire to clean the trash that is washed out on remote pebble stone beaches.
- On our day outings, we minimise impact of our own waste (what we bring with us we take back and dispose in the trash disposal system).

- We started a project to revive old beekeeping traditions to see if the island Molat is worthy of its name (Island Molat derives its name from word 'adj. mellitus, um, a' which is Latin adjective for tasting like honey). Our apiary now has 10 hives and 2 other families have started keeping bees.

Social responsibility

FRIENDS&NEIGHBOURS / recommending locally
- We recommend local producers: goat cheese from family Merle on island Molat, wild fish from 4th generation family fishers Matuli?, sheep cheese from family Baši?, goat cheese Žampera from Dugi Otok and local honey from our apiary.

TRAVEL WITH RESPECT / good relationship between tourists and local community
- Travellers have opportunity to not only stay in local family run BnBs but they have dinners in their ‘homes‘ as a part of the family cooperatives (locally called OPG). This is great opportunity for establishing a local connection and learn about the traditions, history and current affairs.

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