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Morocco Discoveries was created in 1996 in response to the promotion of World Sacred Music Festival of Fez. A festival that we helped creating and promoting to sustain the Medina of Fez and its spiritual Sufi make up. Most of people who live in the Old City are artisans, craftsmen and musicians. Our tour programs go beyond Fez and its surrounding today to help responsible travellers have the best experience in Morocco, interacting with locals and help sustain life in most remote areas in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. Responsible and sustainable travel is what we live for. We are working diligently on creating the first Eco Lodge ever in Morocco that will open its doors in 2018.
Member since: 19 Apr 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We work towards supporting the local communities to be direct beneficiaries of the tourism industry. To ensure that we mainly train and hire local guides, purchase products such as food, water, soft papers, etc from local shops and advise travelers to do the same.

We also help visitors to support the communities in different ways like by sponsoring children, providing voluntary services or teaching skills, sharing useful ideas, exchanging culture, adoptions and child support by providing useful gifts like cooking devices, books and learning materials.

We do our best to make sure that families and women cooperatives are served through any of the support that we or travelers are involved in. We also do this through promoting our cause and identifying the right projects or programs that are ready and will benefit the most from this support.

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to see an environment in the particular destinations free from toxic and harmful substances. We have been part of different campaigns such as "Zero Plastic" a campaign to address All Moroccans not to use plastic bags and anything plastic that is not bio degradable.
“One Million Hectares Forestation” fighting sand invasion in the Sahara Desert and erosion in the Atlas Mountains.
“Urban Farming” a project to make Casablanca a green bio center instead of just the industrial capital of Morocco.
We also advise travelers to pay high attention towards the reduction of negative impacts on the environment and preservation of natural resources. We advise travelers to try not to waste water in hotels by letting taps and showers run unnecessarily.

We also provide information on how to be sensitive to natural habitat, forests and open crop fields with campfires, off-road driving and avoiding detergents, toothpaste, silver foil and the proper disposal of plastic bottles and bags.

Social responsibility

We help and encourage local communities for the protection of biodiversity and cultural values; promote and support indigenous knowledge which support the environment; promote useful traditions and campaign against harmful traditional practices and imported ideologies.

We support local initiatives and invite visitors to visit these on all our itineraries. We send tourists to "Berber Cultural Initiative" a group who got a license to exhibit and promote the reality of Berber indigenous culture, Art and Music, ancient household materials and "Women Centers of Adullt Learning". We support rural voluntary medical and teaching Caravans of professionals. We support our Mountain community in hard winters by blankets and warm clothes. We encourage our travelers to contribute directly to associations of these rural communities in the hinterland.

We are trying to find a way to support another project named Village of Hope in Ain Leuh to help orphans in and mal nourished children in the Atlas Mountains. The project is implemented in Ifrane and rural areas and focuses on unwanted Children and poor single mothers. One of our staff wishes to devote her time to be directly involved.

Jawad Lahani is a specialist in tailor made travel to his home country. A tour leader accompanies you throughout, with local guides joining you at different stages of your trip who may be specialized in particular aspects of culture, botany, history, birdlife or mountaineering.

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