Dream it do it East Africa safaris

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We provide exceptionally educational and experiential tours with professional guides and interpreters. The community based tours and cultural tours are organized and managed by the local people and the company facilitates the established tourism cooperatives and steering and development committees to ensure sustainability of the projects, minimize negative tourism impacts, equity of benefit sharing and designing educational and experiential packages that contribute to conservation, and sustainable development. The tours start with a well-designed City tours that explores the ancient and the current life of the major east African cities
Member since: 26 Apr 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our main objective is to create employment to the local people by trying to avoid using commercial hotels and using local homes as accommodation facilities. Our focus to bring direct income to the locals as we provide real life experiences to our clients. From our tours, 10% of the company’s profit will be sponsoring kids from different regions of which we operate. As a company, we will be finding a school and paying the fees directly to the school. We believe, with education, poverty can be eradicated

Environmental responsibility

We have created environmental educational programs for the local people of which promotes campaigns on the importance of conserving the environment. The recycling of materials within homesteads will also be our key drive and this is what we would really wish to do after we are in the market. We have various projects that we would wish to introduce for environment conservation

1. Tree planting- our clients will plant a tree on every home they visit

2. Biogas – we will be introducing biogas projects on areas with more animals to provide sustainable fuel for the locals

As the company grows, we will be able to come up either more programs for the communities we visit. Our main drive is to create a more sustainable environment where both people and nature coexist

Social responsibility

Our clients will be staying at local homes, enjoying local meals and getting involved into the local’s day to day life. The tours are mainly to give clients a complete cultural experience as the locals too benefit from it. We opt to create awareness on the importance of tourism and conservation to the locals.

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