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We are a Greek Tour Operator &Travel Designer. A small but experienced family business with a strong background that offers hiking, cycling, cultural and thematic tours, holidays that includes activities, agricultural and eco tours, trekking and fly-drive holidays in Greece. Except our prefabricated programs we offer tailor-made (guided or self-guided) tours for groups, families and individual travellers. Our trips combine culture, nature and physical exercise. We avoid, as possible, large hotel complexes, overcrowding and overexploitation. We operate in a friendly way towards people and the environment. We surely are excellent knowers of our work and most of all ideologists on whatever we attempt!
Member since: 26 Apr 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We work with local people. We use small, mainly family-run accommodations and taverns, and local transportation. We avoid all-inclusive and large hotel complexes. We shop for our pick-nicks from small local stores and not from large super markets. We rent vehicles from local companies and when need to hire a bus we collaborate with small, mainly family-run agencies. For marine transportation, when and where possible we prefer to use the regular itineraries of a small local ferry company.

We visit local farms and manufacturers so the travelers are can buy local products and gifts directly from the source. For our self-guided tours, we give the travelers detailed guidelines so that they can do the same if they want to. We suggest to the people travelling with us to buy local products and gifts rather than imported goods. We ourselves are a small family business surviving in the very adverse financial situation in Greece.

Environmental responsibility

We work as a web agency. We do not use any stationary or energy consuming office equipment; we donít print or use extra energy for heating, cooling, lighting etc. The nature of our tours and activities are environmentally friendly. We inform the travelers about local ecosystems, indigenous flora and fauna. We encourage them to take photos of rare and endemic species but we donít let them collect any of them. When and where possible we use public transportation. When and where not possible, our partners have taken all necessary measures so that the transportation used (bus, minibus, car etc) is well maintained and has limited gas emissions. In our pick-nicks we avoid single-use recipients and naps. We encourage the participants in our programs to help us clean at least the spot we choose every time for our pick-nick pose. That means that, we collect any possible garbage from beaches, meadows, woods etc. and carried to the nearest operating bucket or recycling bucket for recyclable materials.

Social responsibility

By visiting or encourage visits to local farms and manufacturers we help local people to advertise and sell their products. For the meals we choose local specialties and traditional products so that the travelers get familiar with local cuisine. We work with local people, as described above (see Economic responsibility). Our guides and tour leaders are legally declared and their social security and taxes are paid. Occasionally and when there is need, we participate in the maintenance and marking of trails.

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