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Kaleidoskop has an established history of success in the north Cyprus tourism sector, a friendly and highly effective team who are the right mix of long-standing, experienced local tourism experts coupled with creative and dynamic younger staff who bring in IT knowledge and new ideas. Our long-standing employees have developed an extensive and highly specialized local knowledge on Cyprus and this allows our company to provide tours and programs for even the most demanding clients. We feel one of the best indicators of our hard work and commitment as an Incoming Agency in North Cyprus, especially with regards to customer care and satisfaction, is the high percentage of repeat clientele.
Member since: 03 May 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

• Kaleidoskop successfully implemented a Euro 70,000 European Union funded project the objective of which was to develop and implement a marketing plan that will promote and raise awareness of responsible tourism activities available in the northern part of Cyprus and to target inter-national consumer markets. This project was completed in June 2016;
• Kaleidoskop believes in employing local experts. Staff members are all from well- educated back-grounds, and provide a diverse range of opinions and ideas. Of our staff members, four are trained and government approved guides who lead in Turkish, German and English;
• The owner and manager is a member of a ladies community in the village of Catalkoy which pro-motes women rights and their place in the society;
• Team members volunteer in projects such as protection of endangered marine turtles in the Mediterranean and raise funds for related turtle projects.

Environmental responsibility

Kaleidoskop team members are not only supporters of a sustainable clean environment but they are pro-active advocates.

• Realizing the heavy CO2 emissions which are caused by flying to holiday on the island, as most of our customers come from Europe, in all our trip notes we give them the option to come by car and ferry;

• Kaleidoskop has been engaged in past few years in arranging programs (or part of their program) for three Universities: two in Germany - Hohenheim and Berlin and one in the United Kingdom -Exeter. These Universities bring students on botanical excursions.

• Kaleidoskop has researched a 250 km hiking trail which runs along the mountain range of the northern coast of Cyprus. It has later branded it as the Besparmak Trail. The idea is to interest visitors who care about nature and the environment and to extend the tourist season beyond the summer months. The trail is split in to 18 sections. It is marked throughout its length with green painted B signs on the ground or on trees and rocks at the side; at the end of each section it has yellow poles with a metal flag at the top indicating directions; at the beginning and end it has big marker stones. While the trail is mostly used by visitors, it is becoming more popular with the local people. It is encouraging them to love the nature and care about the environment while at the same time it will bring income to the remote parts of the north east and west of the island by building step by step an infrastructure for tourists and locals.

• Kaleidoskop promotes family adventure tours. Children are engaged in seasonal activities such as olive picking, as well as milking cows, marine turtle conservation, participating in cooking lessons with their parents and much more depending on availability. We think that this is a great way to introduce youngsters to loving the environment and at the same time to encourage the locals to conserve and protect the environment. We hope that this will bring a long term positive environmental impact.
• Kaleidoskop is a member of Kuskor, the north Cyprus society for the protection of birds. It has been supporting this organization since it was founded;

• Kaleidoskop is heavily involved with Catalkoy ‘u Gelistirme ve Kultur Dernegi (CADER) organiza-tion, which was the initiator of the north Cyprus children’s conference. This organization won a grant from SAVE (Supporting Activities that Value the Environment) USAID, to implement a campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags in the northern part of Cyprus.

• Since Kaleidoskop believes that educating the youngsters is at the base of changing mentalities, the company has taken the initiative and organized in 2009 and 2010, the north Cyprus children Conference for the environment.

• On a day to day basis: Kaleidoskop do not use plastic in the office; scrap paper is used for printing and note taking; envelopes are recycled.

• Kaleidoskop advises bus drivers to turn off the engine while the bus is waiting. 

Social responsibility

Kaleidoskop arranges group bookings and suggest programs to organizers who wish to visit north Cyprus. Our agency makes the most of the local events such as village festivals, eco days, cultural events to include them in the group itineraries.

• Part of our customer care is a briefing to individual clients when they arrive on the island. If any of the above mentioned events are ongoing during the time they are holidaying, we suggest they attend and immerse in the local culture.

• Kaleidoskop was a keen supporter of a USAID funded project in Kyrenia, the Nature Library, which provided literature and reading space for nature lovers. Lots of children’s books were made avail-able through this facility. One of Kaleidoskop staff applied for the grant and worked from Kaleidoskop offices. The project was completed in 4 months and was a great success .

• Kaleidoskop encourages suppliers to put an emphasis on fresh, local food, to reduce plastic pack-aging and save energy. We explain the negative impact of cleaning chemicals. On routine visits ( e.g. checking up on the condition of the accommodation), we hold short meetings on the standard of cleanliness we expect and on how to make use of alternative cleaning materials that do not damage the environment.