Las Paulinas

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At Las Paulinas, our guests will experience an unforgettable art holiday in a friendly, relaxed and creative atmosphere in a Spanish finca in Extremadura, the heart of unspoiled Spain. We offer at least 22 hours of tutored painting and drawing sessions. During the holidays, our guests will have the freedom to sketch and paint around the countryside and around an authentic Spanish rural village with houses made of wood and masonry, harmonised through a series of overhangs. The holidays package includes accommodation, meals, art materials and equipment and the transfer from and to Madrid airport.
Member since: 22 May 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We have specifically chosen to run the creative holidays in our area because we want to bring prosperity to the local businesses, as much as to show our spectacular region to international travellers.

The poor infrastructure of our region results in an economy based in agriculture and with a high level of unemployment. We are helping the community by sourcing to our business with as many local and quality products as we can, thus investing in the local commerce. Meals are prepared by local businesses and the houses maintenance are carried out by local workforce. We are always interested to hire local guides to give specific sessions such as astronomy, hiking trails, etc.

Environmental responsibility

Growing up in connection with nature has made us to be actively involved in the conservation of our surroundings and the planet. The house where the creative holidays are held is located in the countryside. The energy used in the house is mainly provided by solar panels, therefore the environmental impact is kept to a minimum. We pay attention to the recycling of all waste and water usage. We also minimize the use of printed merchandising.

During the holidays, we will encourage our guests to be off the grid by proposing them different creative activities, walks, free time to read, relax in the swimming pool, to enjoy the benefits of siesta or to talk to each other. The transfer of the main group from and to the airport in one vehicle minimise the CO2 impact.

We absolutely love our natural surroundings and we will make sure that our guests will get enough information about the local flora and fauna so that they will share our excitement.

In the trips to the countryside to paint and to draw the many motifs around, we will enjoy the rich landscape and we will have the opportunity to build a stronger connection with Nature and its beauty. We will make sure that we are responsible with nature and no waste is left after us, taking whatever litter we see around to keep our landscape clean and free from human footprint.

Social responsibility

Western Spain has many secret corners, off the radar for main stream tourists and we would like to show them to the knowledgeable traveller who wishes to experience first-hand the culture and the live in places that have not become a set for tourists.

We know all the local traditions and gastronomy and we would like to give to our guests a real taste of our unspoiled area. We will give detailed information about local customs and attend to local events whenever they happen. We will visit local businesses and stores in an informal way and also have a little store in our premises where our guests can buy not only local food products but also cosmetics and crafts.

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