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China By Bike organises guided bicycle tours in China and South-East Asia. Since 1995, we have cycled almost every corner of China, gathering an expertise knowledge of the country and its culture. We aim to share with you our passion for the Middle Kingdom and its neighbours. In our eyes, cycling is by far the best (and most eco-friendly) way to experience their beauty and unique culture.
Member since: 30 Jun 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

To support local businesses and keep in close touch with the local culture, we select small and family enterprises as partners in our destination countries.

For example, we cooperate with accommodations and tourist enterprises which are well-integrated into the regional economic structure. We choose small, locally run and locally styled accommodations over state-run or franchise accommodations.

During our trips, we employ local staff such as drivers and guides at standard to above standard market conditions.

For food, we advise our guides to choose restaurants which serve regional dishes and buy local produce such as fruit and vegetables whenever possible.

Environmental responsibility

Our office in Berlin is run with 100% green energy provided by Lichtblick and paper used in the office is 100% recycled. Our employees mostly cycle or walk to work throughout the year. When attending trade fairs or meetings in other parts of Germany or Europe, we prefer train rides over driving cars or flying.

During our tours, we also aim to minimise transfer by car or plane and cover all possible distances by bicycle and foot. Many of our tours are characterised by extensive stays in one specific region, thus avoiding domestic flights or other transfers within the destination country. If bridging long distances is necessary, train rides are chosen over flights as long as the additional time spent for the transfer is still reasonable.

Tour guides and participants are instructed to minimise waste and save resources such as water during the holidays. We do not include visits to animal camps during our trips. In order to limit the damage to our planet caused by long-distance flights, we cooperate with atmosfair and recommend our customers to compensate their CO2-footprint by donating to the climate protection projects supported by atmosfair.

Social responsibility

All of our staff speaks Mandarin and has spent a significant amount of time living in China. We are able to cooperate directly with local Chinese firms or individuals who do not speak English (e.g. our drivers in China).
All our employees are able to give advice and insights into the culture and habits of our destination countries in order to promote an ecological and social awareness among our participants.

When designing new routes and tours, we personally travel to the destination areas to establish face-to-face ties with the local families and projects. We have managed to establish very friendly, personal and long-lasting relationships with our partners.

In the past, we have had people with disabilities join our groups and have successfully adjusted the routines to fit their special needs.

We allow our tour guides and local partners to adjust some details of our journeys on the go. This autonomy makes all of our trips a unique experience and allows guides and partners to react to changing local conditions.

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