The Orangutan Foundation

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The Orangutan Foundation actively conserves the orangutan and its rainforest habitat whilst conducting long-term research on the ecology of orangutans and other rainforest fauna and flora within their habitat. Foundation objectives are to support conservation work in Indonesia and Malaysia and to raise funds and awareness in the UK and overseas. In Indonesia, the Foundation actively protects Tanjung Puting National Park, cares for ex-captive, orphaned and injured orangutans and operates a rehabilitation programme that returns orangutans to a life in the wild.
Member since: 17 Jul 2002

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Economic responsibility

All money raised from Orangutan Foundation trips, over and above ground costs, are channelled back into the local community where they are used in our education, rehabilitation and conservation programmes.

Environmental responsibility

As we actively work to protect the habitat of the orangutan, we are very aware of the importance of environmental responsibility. Our work in Tanjung Puting National Park includes the protection of the Park from illegal loggers and miners. We work in the UK to inform the public about the importance of obtaining wood and other materials from sustainable sources. As an office we recycle all reusable materials and make sure all projects we fund follow our ethos.

Social responsibility

Our work in Central Kalimantan involves the employment of over 100 local Indonesians, including research assistants, carers and managers. We also fund police patrols that evict illegal loggers and miners from the National Park. With regards to the Trips we run, we employ local people and source food and equipment locally thus providing a sustainable source of income for the local community.

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