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Our names are Angela and Nikos and we are an economist and an agronomist respectively. Our love for businesses and nature led us to the creation of this travel agency, which aims to offer unforgettable authentic experiences with the basic motto, love and respect towards nature and the local population of Greece. Having traveled a lot to places in Greece and throughout the world, we understand what is really important in a trip. That is visits to the most famous, most photographed attractions combined with activities that really help you understand the country you are visiting and help you meet people who will tell you stories about things that no guidebook can.
Member since: 14 Jul 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Financial responsibility is our main goal!

Being a small new business, we also want to strengthen small local businesses. For this reason, our selected accommodation is basically small local hotels, which are oriented to be family businesses.

Also the welcome gifts we offer to our guests, are local products, made by us or by local producers with pure and Greek materials that are only purchased by small farmers.

We recommend to our guests small taverns with handmade Greek local dishes.

Our guides are locals with knowledge and love for their area, so to provide all the necessary information with all the details to our guests. And the activities included in our tours are provided by local organizers who respect the natural landscape and nature.

Environmental responsibility

Our love for the environment is a fact and our struggle to maintain the environment in the best condition is continuous !!

First of all, in our office we recycle all kinds of recyclable materials, paper, plastic, metal, aluminum and glass separately, and we take them ourselves to the recycling company so we can be sure they do not end up with the other rubbish. We also use almost exclusively electronic communication and databases to minimize waste of paper.

As amateur beekeepers, we believe in the usefulness of wildlife and the need to preserve it. Through our tours, we want to promote the knowledge that people need, to understand the need of bee and wildlife, in preserving humanity. As Einstein said, if bees disappear, humanity has 4 years of life.

Social responsibility

Our social responsibility is both towards the habitants and our visitors.

Our guides are people with complete understanding and knowledge of Greece's political and social situation and so they are ready to inform our travellers and solve any questions they may have or have misunderstood. They also fully inform them of the need to preserve our cultural heritage, which has lasted millions of years. Our travellers, through their activities, will come into contact with real-life people to understand the social side of Greece through authentic experiences.

In addition, because our visitors' safety is our top priority, all our guides have certified knowledge of first aid and CPR and a fully supplied first aid kit and pharmacy in the car.