The Bucket List

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The BucketList is not just an organization. It is a community of passionate adventure travel enthusiasts who have a strong desire to share the best kept secrets of Sri Lanka. Our desire to share these secrets stems from the hope that it would result in life altering experiences for our guests which would in turn help them expand their worldview and grow as individuals.

Visit our beautiful island nation and let us show you all it has to offer and all in all, we hope you will leave having crossed one more item from your bucket list!
Member since: 03 Aug 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The BucketList strives to ensure that the local community benefits from our operation and as a result we use local people as guides and use locally owned accommodation as much as possible. This practice gives travellersí greater insight into the local community as well.

Environmental responsibility

The BucketList aims to limit our impact on the environment in several ways when we are on tour. We strictly follow the rules and regulations that minimize any negative effects that we may cause on the environment in order to protect the delicate natural habitats and eco systems.
We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by allowing guests to experience public transport in train networks whenever possible.
Lots of our tours include excursions that allow guests to view animals in national parks and conservation centres. This will bring an income to the individuals who are dependent on them for a living and will help take care of the animals. Moreover The BucketList ensures that the animals at the conservation centres where guests are taken to are cared for in the proper manner.

Social responsibility

The BucketList is supporting an ancient Sri Lankan martial art called Angampora. We aim to bring awareness to this art by organizing cultural shows and cultural immersion programs which allows tourists to spend a day with the martial art practitioners and familiarize themselves with their daily training routine. This activity is a first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

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