Idillio D’Arte

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Our thematic cultural tours begin from art and history to create emotional and intellectual participation of our Guests: a pleasant mix of discovery, experience and fun, including Italian culinary arts. Through local organizers and small groups, the guests are pleased to interact with people: this represent a first step toward a deeper knowledge of visited places. All activities and the whole organisation are made with responsibility, permitting a sustainable grow of local communities.
Member since: 01 Sep 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

About the economic responsibility, we work mainly with local companies and employ only local guides to guarantee a sustainable further use of tourist incomes.

We purchase local food and traditional products (potteries, cloths) that can sustain the local economy, the traditional activities and local craftsmanship

Environmental responsibility

We pursue the full respect of environment, in the back office as well as during our tours: - avoiding single-use plastic, - reducing as much as possible driven distances, - avoiding air conditioning and heating, when not needed, - reducing as much as possible energy and resources consumptions, - planing activities in the nature during our tour like the Butterfly Safari (catching, identification and release of butterflies), in order to enjoy protected areas and show the biodiversity, - reducing as much as possible wastes and using for them only the corresponding garbage bins.

Social responsibility

We do believe in the advantages of interactions between local people and our guests as a path for enrichment in both directions.

Furthermore we give our guests a better overview of society and places through cultural topics.

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