Basecamp Spitsbergen

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Basecamp Explorer Spitzbergen run four eco-lodges on Spitsbergen, and offers many Arctic adventures based on ecological principles. Our operations are largely defined by beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures. We set up our first lodge the way trappers would have; using driftwood, tar paper, and recycled materials. Since then we have continually expanded our presence in Spitsbergen, offering unique world-class destinations.
Member since: 11 Oct 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We aim to employ as many as possible with fixed contracts (not season-based from date to date) and that operate throughout the year. Employment of guides mainly come from the local study Arctic Nature Guide.

We have also made a point on collaborating mainly with companies that are operating in Svalbard throughout the year and employs people throughout the year, and not companies that are only operating in the peak seasons.

Collected taxes, dues and fees may only benefit Svalbard (Svalbard Treaty art 8), meaning everything a guest spend money on in Spitsbergen will go back to the local community and services provided.

Local food: Hotel Isfjord Radio get supplies from the local trapper to offer our guests the real taste of Arctic. Reindeer and seal meat is prepared in the modern kitchen with a very high standard.

Environmental responsibility

We strive to increase a positive effect on the world we live in. Our aim is to leave a positive foot print! Tourism in general is one of the big CO? contributors in the world and especially air traveling causes big carbon footprints. Our aim as a sustainable tourism company is to change the future of tourism so that in-stead of polluting the earth the tourism will in fact help to stop the global warming by reducing the carbon footprint and greenhouse effect.

Our main project towards reducing the carbon footprint and the greenhouse effect is the tree planting in Kenya, Africa. As a guest you contribute to this project. By planting trees you will reduce the carbon foot print of your air travel as well as your motorized transport on the archipelago. Our guests at Spitsbergen contribute to treeplanting in Kenya by visiting us. Since the project was established in 2000 we have planted 75.000 trees, with the aim to revive the Talek river ecosystem.

In addition, our ecological destinations use as little resources as possible and use ecological products, to make your carbon footprint even smaller. The company is Eco Lighthouse certified, which means a great focus on ecological alternatives, along with an awareness of resources spent. Spitsbergen is also certified as a sustainable destination.

Social responsibility

Our camps in Spitsbergen aim to preserve local history and communicate it to our guests. Through Basecamp Hotel and Trapperís Station we communicate trapperís history by telling stories and showing artifacts from trapping; from hundreds of years ago until today.

Hotel Isfjord Radio is a former radio station which used to be the only communication to mainland Norway. History is preserved by keeping items from the days when the radio station was operating, and a consistent focus on telling the story and showing the historical landscape. Hotel Isfjord Radio is awarded the Olavís Rose, a symbol of combining development and protection of Norwegian heritage in modern ways.

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