Okavango Guiding School

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The Okavango Guiding School offers International travellers who are passionate about nature an opportunity to learn life changing skills in one of the world’s most picturesque classrooms.

Courses which range from one to four weeks, allow students to learn valuable guiding skills including tracking, boating, Mokoro polling, navigation, survival and wild camping as well as attend workshops on climate, ecology and astrology among many other topics. All activities take place in the Okavango Delta, a region with pristine ecosystems, scenic beauty and an abundance of wildlife.

For every course that is run a sponsorship place is generated for a local, enabling them to develop a guiding career.
Member since: 19 Oct 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The sponsorship model at the Okavango Guiding School allows local students to study to become fully qualified guides that otherwise would not be able to afford the training. For every course that is run a place is available for a local which is funded through the income received by International participants.

This is a two-way beneficial arrangement as International participants learn a great deal from the local students on customs and culture and their surrounding environment.

Locals are employed at OGS wherever possible.

Environmental responsibility

The OGS is run completely off the grid. Students accommodation is in tents with solar lighting and bucket showers with water heated from communal tank over a fire pit. Meals are all cooked over bush fires and there is minimal waste. All recyclable products are taken back to Maun to be appropriately dealt with.

Conservation runs through everything that is taught at the school. Graduates from OSG have a greater understanding of how to protect the environment and locals are able to find employment in a guiding career.

Social responsibility

Okavango Guiding School has sponsored over GBP16 000.00 worth of safari guide training to local Batswana who dreamed of becoming guides but lacked the finances to achieve this dream. To read more about our sponsorship program check out http://www.guidetrainingcourses.com/about/why-train-with-ogs/

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