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Here at Brezo, we offer road cycling holidays in an area of Spain that has been described as a cyclists’ playground. The roads are quiet and smooth and with around 300 sunny days a year, this really is the perfect place to come and enjoy some of the best cycling you will have ever experienced. And as we only cater for small groups of 6-8, all rides are tailored to ensue everyone is happy with the daily achievements. We are a small, family run business, based in our own home, which we have refurbished to provide comfortable, elegant and rustic accommodation. Guests stay in an apartment, which comprises of twin bedrooms, 2 shared bathrooms, a kitchen/ living area and sun terraces. We have a pool (seasonal!), secure bike store, basic workshop and clean down area and laundry room.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

As we have chosen this area as our family home, we care passionately about preserving all that we love about it, so we ensure that the work we do here impacts positively upon the local community. As an established and fully licensed ‘Casa Rural’, we help to promote rural tourism, something that is a high priority for the town hall and indeed Andalusia as a whole.

Where possible we use only local suppliers and also encourage our guests to use local shops, bars and restaurants. Lubrin does in fact have a wealth of food producers who are ‘famed’ for the quality of their produce, something else that the town hall are passionate about promoting and we are only to help with. These local products, are used within the food we serve to our guests and each year we harvest our olives and take them to the local Almazara, (olive press) to be made into olive oil which we of course then use in our food.

As a family we are very much involved in local life, in fact Gary, my husband, has just completed a charity cycle ride from the UK to Lubrin to raise money to create a garden space within a local hospital. Our two boys attend the local school and take part in many village activities and sports.

The tradesmen we employed to work on the house and as ongoing maintenance are all local and we have local farmers help with the maintenance of our land and almond and olive trees.

Environmental responsibility

One of the challenges we have enjoyed the most about starting a new business is minimising the environmental impact upon the area. Whilst renovating the house we reused and recycled as much as possible and had fun doing so, with many quirky reuses of old items such as the donkey plough turned into a light fitting.

We have installed a solar system for the hot water and heating, which is also connected to a wood burning stove to allow for use even on cloudy days. All the dirty water from the house goes into a treatment plant and is then re-used to water the olive trees, We also encourage guests to reduce their water usage. All toilets have a short flush and most rooms only have a shower. . All the light bulbs in the house are low energy, with many also having sensors so they turn themselves off during daylight hours.

As stated above we buy locally where possibly and ensure that the packaging used is recyclable. We have recycling bins available to all our guests, which we then take into the town recycling bins to ensure that it is all sorted correctly.

As much as possible we run the business as ‘paper free’. Most of our advertising is done online, to cut down on printed information.

Social responsibility

Before guests arrive, we take care to convey to them exactly what to expect. We are based in rural Spain, so it is important that they are fully aware of this and not expecting a holiday resort. We chat to guests upon their arrival, about the village and the traditions and expectations of upon visitors. There are several fiestas in the village throughout the year which are great fun to be involved in, but of course it is important to understand the significances of various traditions. We explain to our guests what each fiesta is all about before taking them along to enjoy the fun, after all Spanish life wouldn’t be complete without a good fiesta.

As well as cycling, this area is great for walking, and we have details of various routes that guests can enjoy, whilst ensuring that the countryside is in no way damaged. We also work with the tourist office in the village, to provide guests with suitable places to visit/ sightsee where guides are available who the language of our visitors.

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