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“Unventured” is a small group only, new age experiential travel company in India. Our personally curated itineraries will take our guests through quaint, off beat trails immersed in local experiences, introducing them to our rich history and culture. Each of our tour leaders are handpicked individuals who have all the local knowledge and are inspired to meet interesting new people. We believe that there is a lot more to discover along the journey whilst reaching a destination, this makes every experience with us a memorable story to share and cherish!
Member since: 05 Dec 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our aim as a company, is to change the way people travel. We strive to provide “authentic” experiences of the region we travel to and to achieve this, we pair our travels with expert local guides along with experienced Unventured tour leaders to ensure that our travellers get the perfect balance of insider insights and attentive personal service. These tour guides have been handpicked by us and have immense local knowledge to share. They are all from a varied range of backgrounds; and each has their own individual qualities, which add to the wholesome experience.

Eg - As part of our quest to include local experiences on our tours, one of the things that we do on our Bhutan Bike & Hike Expedition is, we stay at a local homestay to celebrate an evening of Cham dance (mask dancers) which is the local dance style of Bhutan.

We are committed to a fixed price policy and there will be no changes in the cost. All our tours are all inclusive – costs relevant to the tour. (Inclusions and exclusions of the tour will be shared with the guests before they sign up for the tour). There are no hidden costs.

Environmental responsibility

Here are some of the acts that we follow while on our tours to ensure that we are sensitive to the environment we live in and travel responsibly:

• No use of plastic straws on our tours
• No use of plastic bags on the tours and we also educate our guests to not buy snacks packaged in plastic covers
• No use of plastic spoons on the tour - Enjoy eating using your hand or bring your own spoon
• Use of only glass or steel tumblers for coffee / tea/ water. The plastic / paper cups are made of low grade plastics and hence are very difficult to recycle.
• No to bottled water – Reusable bottles with filters are out in the market. Instead of buying a botted water each time, we refill their bottle with clean, safe, filtered water; without compromising on the health of our guests.
• No littering of waste while on the tour - The support vehicle will have a recyclable thrash bag and all disposables generated by the guests will be collected and disposted at once at the end of each day.
• Staying in locally owned accommodation/home-stays where possible
• Buying locally produced food and drink, and supporting local artisans.
• Spreading the economic benefits by supporting local NGO’s on our trail
• Careful management of limited energy and water resources
• Offering real life experiences which promote cross-cultural understanding
• A strict and stringent watch to avoid any form of exploitation of vulnerable segments including animals and endangered species.
• The drivers of our support vehicles are locals and trained by us. They know the region and terrain well enough to drive safely.
• We do not print out invoices for our guests, we instead will send it to them electronically. We also request our accommodation partners to email the invoices to us.

Social responsibility

Our communication emails to all our enquiries have detailed information about the destination they are enquiring for, along with a day to day itinerary. Post sign-up, there will be preparatory email communications briefing our guests about what to expect on the tour, the history, cultural diversity & weather conditions of the region, so that they are fully prepared to get started with the tour.

Eg- Days when we visit a Hindu temple on the tour, we prepare our guests ahead of time to get dressed appropriately (that covers their knees and shoulders).

We don’t want to miss out on any regional festivals / celebrations that the locals celebrate and our local tour guides always have a keener eye and give us a heads up to help plan the tour dates to include the celebrations as part of the tour itself. Our tour guides have all the local knowledge to make it a memorable experience for our travellers.

We prefer staying in local homestays over branded hotels wherever possible. Each of these homestays have been recceed and handpicked by us, for all the warmth the families extend to the guests.

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