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Naleia Yachting brings together open, internationally minded people to enjoy sailing together on a yacht in various locations across the globe. A kindness and respect for others is fundamental to our values and this is mirrored in the way we respect the beautiful and precious natural world that we encounter on our travels. Approximately half of all our clients are solo travellers and we feel our holidays have a special magic to bring people together to grow and learn through sailing.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We believe that the sailing is a very effective way of building confidence and team working skills in young people, and the structure of the holiday allows solo travellers to join at no supplemental cost. A mix of solos, couples and small groups sets the basis for an enjoyable holiday, where we learn from and help each other during the week.

We tread lightly in the places visited and make a priority to support attractions and restaurants that directly benefit local people. We have especially made great links with family run restaurants over several years, they create a great atmosphere for our clients and we know that every penny will go to local people.

We travel lightly, normally with just a back pack to reduce the luggage space required.

We use motor oil only in situations where there is no wind to sail. This reduces the cost and impact on the ocean.

We visit National Park areas and have planned these into our routes to ensure we can support their efforts for preservation and conservation.

We are planning to support an organisation that is removing plastic pollution of the oceans, as we see this as a significant problem for the natural world. We have identified “4Oceans” as a potential partner but see they are focused on the USA currently and we would prefer a charity that is working in the Med – Europe. Any help and advice you can give us on this will be much appreciated!

The main HQ of Naleia Yachting is in a co-working space which focuses to support social businesses and entrepreneurs (Impact Hub Vienna). By being there we are using limited amount of resources to run our operations. Electricity bills, printing bills, office space - the footprint of our office is significantly reduced due to sharing it with other entities.

Environmental responsibility

We travel by the power of the wind and will only use engine assistance in case of real need. This leaves a much lower environmental footprint than with large cruise ships and we have less impact when we are ashore as we will never be more than 30-40 people, even on one of the most popular weeks, with 3-4 boats in the flotilla..

We source products locally before we sail, preferring to buy product loose where possible to avoid unnecessary packaging. Each participant is asked to join in the preparation of meals and this means we have healthy, freshly produced meals on board. Any packaging is stored and prepared for collection at the end of the trip.

We fill containers with water at the marina sufficient for the length of the trip. Any additional water for drinking is purchased in large packs and we ask participants to bring their own refillable containers for drinking water. No plastic drinking straws are allowed and we avoid unnecessary plastic goods like straws, stirrers.

We ask all our clients to treat water as a precious commodity on board, bathrooms are shared and time spent in the shower kept to a minimum. Toilets are hand pumped which reduces the amount of water used.

Non bio-degradable cosmetics are not permitted on board, we ask clients to travel light and pack only essential toiletries for the journey.

We support national parks that are in the region of our tours and respect the environment and wildlife.
We support local cultural attractions, especially those which are run by local people and avoid any performing animal events.

By visiting remote and uninhabited bays as well as historic, inspiring cities we want to show people the beauty of our planet. We want people to be inspired to stay out in the nature and therefore learn to appreciate and respect it. Once participants snorkel every day and see the clarity of the water and rubbish on the sea bottom, once participants sail and feel the wind, once participants hike and watch sunsets together and see the beauty of the surrounding area, once participants see the clear night sky with thousands of stars, once participants do all these for a week, every day, they learn that our world is really unique and needs preservation.

Social responsibility

We believe that sailing together brings significant social benefits for the participants, in terms of confidence building and team working skills, together with an appreciation of the natural world. If you happen to come across dolphins in their natural habitat, the joy of this will likely mean you become interested in efforts to conserve them!

Our clients need to be very open, curious, and sociable which are all required to learn new skills, interact with new people at close quarters in new places. The sense of achievement is very real!

Sailing is a sport where teamwork and respect for each other is vital to ensure success and we take this respect to include for those we visit (our hosts) and the natural environment they live in.

We plan our rotes so that we visit a mixture of well-known places, remote bays and bays where little, lonely restaurants offer the daily catch, homemade wine, spirits and a cosy atmosphere to share a meal. These are our favourites and directly help the local people involved. Where we do visit more popular places, we visit locally run attractions and are sensitive to the local cultures. We explore in a relaxed, calm manner and learn a lot from local people by listening and conversing with them in a natural way.

We like to talk about local cultures and teach the participants what we know about local ways of living. We try to be very realistic and not idealise islander’s life style. Despite that participants of our trips tend to be inspired to change their habits, slow down and socialize more in their lives.

We want to educate people about power of their money and tell them where to shop for the money to go to the locals in the highest possible amount. We try to educate them about importance of locally sourced produce, re-cycling practices, environmental footprint and marine life preservation.

Participants of our trips tend to say that our trips are eye-opening and life changing for them at very many different levels. Please read our reviews (on our website) and learn for yourself.

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