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Kayaking & active trips in Italy and Mediterranean. We are a small, locally owned kayaking & active trips outfitter that offers one-of-a-kind journeys. We use the highest quality equipment. Travel with style. It means we care about quality and not quantity. Quality of Life! Few trips each year, small group, special journeys. We provide only trips up to 6/8 participants to offer a great experience. we organize only 6/8 trips each year between private trips (tailor made trips) and public trips. We are responsible traveller and offer sustainable eco tourism, practice leave no trace and cooperate with green company and social responsible organizations.
Member since: 15 Mar 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We donate 2/3% of our profit to local organization or needy persons. We employ local young people or people without a job. We work with company that promote respect of the nature and humanity.
The donation is quite variable and each year we decide what/who support. For example last year we contribute to support an incredible expedition in the Svalbard Archipelago made by our friend Jaime Sharp while this year we support a friend/client that was afflicted by a lung cancer.
Two years ago we supported a local family that had suffered the illness of a children (leukemia) with important financial consequences.
This year we are focusing on helping local young unemployed people.
we employ only local guides and we only use local partners. our partners have to be small and quality oriented. we don't use commercial accommodations/restaurant but only small/local/quality oriented and genuine guesthouses/restaurant. This to offer a more authentic experience, to support local small business, in opposition the mass tourism. This a key point of our offer that increase the value of the experience. Our trips are based on the connections with the locals. We often cooperate with micro local business that are family owned and are completely out from the tourism flow. (with the kayaks we reach locations that are very remote

Environmental responsibility

Our company cooperate together with local organization with direct environmental benefits.

Most of our trip takes place inside the area natural/national park, like these for example:

All of our trips are organized in the respect of the rules of the parks and often we cooperate with these parks to organize substainable activities inside the area with a minimum impact to the wildlife.

Our office is my home office, we don't use paper. we don't have brochure. we have a website and some follower in the socials.

our clients range is about 30/40 persons per year. most of the clients are repitant. Our goal is not increase the business but keep the quality and the style.

we don't own cars, we rent it.

Our trips are totally under the concept of leave no trace: we are allowed to leave only the steps and the human excrement close to the water of the ocean (because the tides will keep it soon). our clients are from Canada, Norway, United states. they are completely oriented to the environmental issues and are often part of organizations like Leave no trace or similar and we don't need to tell them this simple (for our community) rules.

We make part of the ACA (American Canoe Association which is the biggest private canoe/kayak organization in the world and his slogan is “Make the world a better place to paddle”. We are automatically part of very big green organization like “Leave no Trace” and others ( )
The ethics and the statement are ruled by the ACA and we follow it very strictly.

Social responsibility

Part of our mission is to provide cultural experience:
“You will enjoy an authentic and original experience with a balance of wilderness, culture and life style”
We include in all our trips cultural moments that add value at the authenticity of the experience and increase the connection with the area we are travelling in. the goal is to provide at the participant a real experience and an understanding of the territory and the culture. We travel in the Mediterranean that is one of the richest cultural area of the world. To let our participant have a real experience we provide local connection with small cultural organizations that have direct benefits to the community. For example we include in our trips the visit of the following:
Anytime we can we use the accommodation of the Fai, which we are member of.