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We run cycling tours in Madagascar the country where we live. Our trips give all riders and cyclists a good chance to meet local people, learn about their culture and customs, explore fauna and flora and of course cycle through villages, different landscapes, meet friendly and welcoming people. Our bike ride set departures are well-balanced mix of tarred road and dirt road. Beside set departures we offer tailor-made tours accordingly the request.
Member since: 20 Mar 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We work with Malagasy people where possible at all levels, we provide training. We ensure managers, staffs contract employees and freelance staffs know, participate and receive training.
We use Malagasy businesses and Malagasy services.
We ensure benefits for local communities.
On one of our tours we visit a charity Ny Hary, a Malagasy-German NGO hosting child living too far to return every day to their parents, as well offering a daily meal to a few hundred students living too far to return home for lunch. We donate regular each time we pass; all our riders have the chance to donate during the visit.

Except one staff member, living more than 20-years in Madagascar, all staff has Malagasy citizenship. We offer to all staff every year a formation, including a 3-days First Aid training with Croix rouge Malagasy. This meet international standard. For other matters like TM training, cooking and hygiene… we hire external trainers. In addition each staff member has an individual plan for formation and training to make sure the personal development of everybody, and of course as well to guarantee the quality of our services.

Environmental responsibility

We try to make sure that the negative impact of our tours on the natural environment is minimised. Where possible, we try making sure that our environmental effect is positive.

a) We are efficient in the use of natural resources. Minimum impact to toilets, rubbish, the use of soaps, firewood, water, fuel and other items that can negatively impact the environment.

b) Whenever possible, we use accommodations that are not wasteful of local resources or destructive to the environment. We leave the camp sites we use in same or better condition than we found it. Where possible we use established, locally owned and run camp sites.

c) Our tours are appropriate to Malagasy conditions. Our group sizes are regulated to minimise cultural and environmental impact.

d) Our tour managers will advise you on the best way to observe wildlife inside and outside the parks.

Social responsibility

a) We try to prepare our clients by providing information in order to minimise their
cultural and environmental impact.
b) We provide cultural and environmental interpretation through site specific Malagasy
guides and by providing our tour managers with the appropriate training
c) We spent time to visit social projects, to learn about culture and way of life. We
support social initiatives through financial contributions.

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