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Glacial Experience is a private tour company that takes you anywhere in Iceland, bot to the well known places and the unbeaten path as well, to the highlands, volcanos and glaciers. Travel with us on a private tour in and around Iceland: The south coast with its glaciers and black sand beaches or come with us on a unique tour on a super jeep to the highlands, the unbeaten path that few experience.
Member since: 21 Mar 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We aim to promote the smaller, local businesses in each community in order to provide the highest possible economic impact to that area.

Where possible, we try to use companies that are owned and operated by young people who have returned to their rural hometowns after studying away for several years.

All drivers and guides are local and we don´t contract any foreigner for that purpose.

We use these local companies:
1.Localguide, for glacier hikes, ice climbing and ice cave tours
2. Ice Explorers is a local company who only operates on the Breiđamerkjujökull glacier, the owner is from Höfn city. You can see all the national, big companies on top of the search if you google ice cave.

In many cases I can accommodate my travelers in local guesthouses, sometime they ask for it, but it is not realistic when demand ask for 4 or 5 star accommodation.

Environmental responsibility

We minimise paper use at our office wherever possible.
Single-use plastic water bottles are not sold on our tours – we provide our customers with reusable bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Delicate Icelandic plant life is easily damaged by irresponsible tourism, and can take decades to recover. We advise our customers on how to minimise their environmental impact, so that they leave the environment as healthy and beautiful as they find it.

We make every effort to ensure that waste is never left behind on any of our trips.

Glacial Experience aims to reduce fuel consumption where possible, and many cars that we use in our fleet are chosen for their fuel efficiency. However, this is balanced carefully against safety guidelines. Some travel around Iceland requires a little more caution and for this we do use larger, more capable cars.

When we hike we explain verbally that we don´t walk outside the track, that we don´t leave rubbish behind and when we drive on super jeeps the unbeaten path we inform our travellers that off road driving is forbidden and that we follow every stipulated law or regulations on travellers conduct.

Social responsibility

We work closely with our customers in order to create their personal itineraries. This allows us to advise them on the best times of year to visit areas, reducing tourism strain.

We respect the local culture and always aim to be a part of it.

We are supporting local projects operated by the Icelandic Red Cross and we support the restauration of a museum about a naiv artist in the Westfjords:

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