AndAdventure Holidays

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&adventure is a locally owned tour operator and DMC founded in 2005 by experienced guides, with a goal to share our playground secrets. It offers boutique adventure travel experiences trough popular places and our favorite off the beaten track destinations across the country. Besides activities at &adventure we are focused on local culture, cuisine, wine, environment and local experiences as an important part of our itineraries. We are a small, dedicated team with expertise in a range of adventure activities, such as: sailing and boat based adventures, sea kayaking, hiking, cycling and mountain biking.
Member since: 23 Mar 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We use and promote as much as we can small local business, accommodations and local guides.
Staying in locally owned and run accommodation (hotels and home-stays) wherever possible.
Visiting small traditional restaurants offering local food from local ingredients.
Visiting local producers of wine, olive oil, lavender essential oil, or cooking class at private home… All depending of location and clients interests.

Environmental responsibility

We are part of TAP community and also member of Adventure Travel Conservation Found.
All guides are trained to be environmentally aware
Clients are encouraged to use Reusable water bottles, and they usually get one in their welcome pack, when they travel with us.
Water in Croatia is potable, so we don7t need additional filtering.
Our office focuses on e-documents and we do our best to minimise printing and waste in general.
We encourage our supplier to use biodegradable shampoos and soaps and detersives.

Social responsibility

Supporting young athletes in fulfilling their dreams to organizing hiking programs for the children of local orphanages, we truly believe in enforcing positive change, starting from within our community.
Adding as many of cultural experiences, depending of the itinerary and nature of the trip.