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Makai is a sustainable retreat that aims to reconnect people with nature trough simple living, do it yourself activities, recycling, cooking and yoga.
Member since: 27 Mar 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Makai doesnít purchase any of the food we give to our customers to cook from any supermarkets, we just buy local from green markets, farms or what we produce on our own. Makai offers work just to locals living next to us. Makai intend to grow in its own project investing its money into removable sources of energy, campains against wastage and plastic and supporting other self sustainable and ecologic projects.

Environmental responsibility

Makaiís electricity comes 100% from photovoltaic energy system, warm water comes from solar heating, grey water of the house is puri?ed onsite and used to water the garden, transport are provided with electric car, outside cooking classes happened with a movable solar kitchen, food waste is used to compost and create new soil, recycling workshop for customers to reuse plastic, glass, paper, wood etc.. no light pollution comes from the house.

We are always looking at more renewable energy such as putting up more photovoltaic system and to keep upgrading the house into a self sustainable direction. For example the next plan is to set up a special windmill called air chicago to drain water from the soil.

Social responsibility

Makai intent to preserve local culture and its nature, taking customers to visit local market, ?sherís man villages as well as beaches and volcanos. Makai offers courses to local people as well as our customers to spread the world of self sustainability and the use of local products.

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