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At Denhum Holidays, we are committed towards personalized services to all our clients from time of booking to during your holiday following everything to the little details that many over-look. Our safari tour excursions are affordable, and can be tailored to suit your holiday budget whilst still providing the African adventure experience of a lifetime. Our Safari Drivers/Guides The success of any safari depends on how efficient the guide is. In this respect the greatest care is taken in selecting responsible, qualified guides who are capable of providing a cheerful, caring and attentive service to our clients. All our safari driver guides are qualified and have extensive knowledge of wildlife and parks. Our Safari Briefings Denhum Holidays dedicated Client Service Representatives meet each and every arriving guest at International airports for briefing and answer any question to help feel at home away from home. Our travel professional is at hand to facilitate seamless arrival and departure formalities as well as to ensure that your onward flight reservations are in order. We make sure all your needs and concerns are addressed in advance during the booking, confirmation and re-confirmation stages prior to your arrival. Our extensive fleet, consist of custom-built and specially modified safari mini buses and wheel drive safari Land Cruiser on all our safari with choice being yours on which type you want to use depending with your budget. All vehicles have sliding widows, roof hatches and high ground clearance to optimize all around visibility for game viewing and photography. Each vehicle is equipment with an HF radio set, giving round-theclock communication with our office.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

At Denhum Holidays, we have an elaborate policy on how to economically empower local communities being visited by our guests. Our Guiding department has and is still involved in the training of local community guides/service providers in basic customer care, environmental protection (park rules and regulations) and guiding techniques. This is on voluntary basis as well as in some cases in conjunction with Local county governments. We have done this for Shimba Hills Forest Guides (SHIFOGA) among others. Since most of this community guides have no formal training, we give them basic skills to better handle guests in a professional and more rewarding manner. We thereafter continue supporting these initiatives by encouraging the local guides/communities to come up with packages such as cultural visits, nature walks, treks which we encourage our guests to sample. Our aim then is to empower the local communities to get into tourism initiatives that are sustainable.

We at Denhum encourage the use of local services. For example, for our guests visiting the northern part of Kenya on camping safari, we make use of local guides and their donkeys for carrying water and food. This is a direct benefit to the local community.

Our guides are also involved as volunteers in training of local guides. Shifoga and Asfaga are local community group guides that have benefited from this intervention.

Environmental responsibility

At Denhum Holidays, we have elaborate cost-cutting measures that also work out as very environmentally friendly measures in the office. Minimal use of printed material as well as recycling of paper. Switching off of all unnecessary lights Turning off water taps

With regards to our guests, we have a travellersí code that is well explained by our guides with regards to environmental protection. For our visitors doing the marine parks, we strongly emphasize on the protection of the Coral Reef by our snorkelling guests as well as care for the entire marine ecosystem. In the parks, our guides exhibit utmost respect for wildlife and nature by ensuring that they strictly adhere to park rules and regulations as well as our internal Travel Code. For example, we keep a respective distance from wildlife, we do not stampede game, minimize on noise as well as respect other visitors. Our overall goal is to ensure the long term sustainability of the environment which is also the sure way to ensure our own business survival

On wildlife, Dehum holidays and our staff take part in beach clean up activities with co-ordination from our Mombasa office. The guides are involved in wildlife monitoring, a contnous exercise where guides in the course of their job make observations and record them. This information like on birds or sick cats like lions and other wildlife is voluntarily availed to conservation organisations for conservation and planning.

Withregards to water conservation, we provide water in bulk and provide the guests with water bottles that they can use throughout thetrip. This it to reduce on the problems of disposing the small disposable plastic bottles that are unhealth to the environment.

Social responsibility

At Denhum Holidays, we always ensure that we properly brief our guests with regards to the social and political situation in the destinations to be visited. For example, the Coastal region in Kenya is predominantly Muslim and so, especially for cultural/village visits where the guests will interact with the local people, we encourage our guests to dress up more in respect of local culture. For our pastoralist communities such as Samburu and Masai, who incidentally occupy major wildlife areas, we encourage our guests to visit the villages. This offers a direct benefit to the communities as they charge some entrance fee. We also discourage our guests from giving sweets/pens/books to children on the roadside. This has been proven to contribute to absenteeism from school as well as creating a begging culture. We prefer our guests to give these items as a donation to local schools directly. During the visits to schools and the villages, our guests have the opportunity to buy locally made souvenirs as well as directly support the community through contributing to social amenities such as schools, dispensaries and water projects.

On the social front, we strongly advocate the respect for the local cultures and traditions as this builds the right relationship between tourists and the host communities. At Denhum, we properly inform our guests about the locals and their way of life to avoid conflict. With coastal communities especially, we encourage utmost respect for their islamin cultures.

When the guests visist the local people (cultural visits) we ensure to engage the services of the local guides who not only knows more about the locals than our irregular guides but they also understands the language and culture plus they benefit financially

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