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We are local Tour Operator which field of expertise is active tourism. We offer short holiday adventure trips for small groups. All our tours are escorted with english speaking tour leaders. Our tours are nature and local culture/economy friendly. We use local service providers so that all the benefits could go directly to the locals. We do not cooperate with corporate tour operators.
Member since: 18 Apr 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Local agents carry out administrative tasks wherever practicable in Poland. Tour leaders live in
Poland and contribute full time to the local economies.
We use local service providers (canoe, ski and bicycle rental, camping and guest housing, small
Tourists, wherever possible, will visit places 'off the beaten tourist trails', thus bringing
associated economic benefits to those areas. Tours make use of small family-run guesthouses
or locally owned hotels, small restaurants and food stalls, and the production of printed matter
is completely undertaken in Poland.
Our office is located at the low cost city area which reduces all running spendings.
2Poland contributes financial assistance to local operators.
As a company we support CARITAS organization which is the most effective charity
organization in Poland, which recently is strongly engaged in rebuilding the society in Syria

Environmental responsibility

Full and comprehensive details of tours are available in paper-free form on our website,
including a PDF version of the brochure. We also work remotely from our places which lets us
reduce energy waste. We use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
Waste segregation is compulsory in Poland, so whenever we use plastic bottles or other tools
we have to dump them to proper recycling bins. Poland is our home, so we just simply care
about it.
2Poland uses, where available, biodegradable or reusable containers for packed lunches on all
tours. Refillable bottles are used to transport water while trekking.
All passengers are educated about the fragility of the ecosystems that we visit and are asked to
behave accordingly. Our experienced guides provide any necessary clarification of appropriate
behavior. Trekking passengers are told to bring plastic zip-lock bags in which to keep used
toilet paper for disposal at an appropriate point.
In some of our tours we use animals (horses, dogs). They are always animals from local legal
and professional husbandries, where animals are treated very well and kept in perfect condition.

Social responsibility

On our website we provide a basic advisory about Polandís culture, wildlife and customs in
form of FAQs. We are eager to extend any of them if asked by email, phone or chat.
We also provide continuous advise during the trips.
We also encourage our travellers to make souvenir purchases in local markets and curious
rather than larger corporately own establishments.