Indo Ocean Project

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Indo Ocean Project was founded by marine biologist, dive instructors, and ocean enthusiasts from around the globe to create a nation wide standardized data collection and research diver training program in Indonesia, the heart of the coral triangle. IOP has been working together with dive operators, Dr. Mark Bond from Florida International University, and the local communities to carry out scientific research to address shark, ray, and marine conservation issues in this area of the Indo-Pacific. Our field expeditions in Indonesia hosts international and local research projects focused on marine mega fauna and coral reef conservation in marine reserves across the country. The aim of the Indo Ocean Project is to generate high quality scientific data to inform local mangers and stakeholders about the status of shark, ray, and fisheries targeted species populations in the Marine Protect Area (MPA) , and to increase marine conservation awareness among the local communities and general public. You donít need to be a diver or scientist to take part! Our project relies on the experience and expertise of our volunteers from around the world to take action and take part.
Member since: 11 May 2018

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Economic responsibility

We are a registered foundation in Indonesia with local Indonesianís making up 80% of our board. We work with our local MPA managers and the office at Coral Triangle Centre and offer scholarships to Indonesian citizens to join our project and obtain certification levels up to Dive Master.
All lunches and snacks are sourced locally from neighboring local warungs and restaurants
All buildings are built using locally sourced materials with not permanent structures located near or on the beach with a 100% local team providing employment in a high unemployment area.
90% of Indo Ocean Projectís and Nomads Diving staff is Indonesian and we offer free internships to Indonesian citizens for both research and dive master certifications

Environmental responsibility

We reuse all paper and recycle soft plastic into Eco Ocean Bricks
We partner with Trash Hero to perform weekly beach and underwater clean ups
We recycle plastic water bottles for our mangrove nursery
We have reusable water bottles for sale in the Nomads Diving office
We work with Refill Bali and supply free water refills to anyone with a reusable water bottle and 5,000 IDR refill to plastic containers.
Affiliated with multiple environmental organizations locally including FNPF, Turtle Conservation, Marine Megafauna Foundation, and Green Fins and can suggest multiple eco friend alternatives in the area.
Indo Ocean Project runs scheduled conservation and research expeditions throughout Indonesia to popular dive destinations such as Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat.
All guests of Nomads Diving and Indo Ocean Project are required to sign a waiver before their diving activity that binds them to our environmental code of conduct:
No stepping on coral
No stirring the sediment
No chasing or touching marine life
No feeding fish
No littering
No collecting dead or live marine life
No gloves
No spear fishing
No anchoring on coral reef
Donít buy or sell and souvenir of coral and marine life
Use mooring buoy
Volunteer to help the environment
Support conservation

We run multiple data collection and direct intervention projects at our head quarters in Nusa Penida and throughout our expeditions. The current projects and projects in development are:

Current Projects
1. BRUV (Baited Remote Underwater Video) - Underwater video surveillance data collection method used to count, track, and monitor the marine megafauna and predatory species inside and outside the MPA to monitor the success and aid in further understanding on the functionality of the MPA and itís zones.
2. Roving Survey Dives - standardised 30 minute roving surveys where our participants undergo an intensive training and certification course to qualify to collect survey data on sharks, rays, turtle, and indicator species. Aiding the local MPA and the Ministry of Fisheries in understanding their fisheries targeted abundance.
4. Unite Indo (Shark Log) - with the help of stake holders across the country we are compiling a national wide citizen science research project focused on shark and ray sitting frequency and abundance. If you see a shark or ray in Indonesia while diving, snorkeling, fishing, or any other ocean related activity than it can be submitted on our website and logged onto our data base as well as inputted into several online sources.

Project in Development
1. Coral Restoration Project - together with the Coral Triangle Centre we are developing a coral reef restoration and protection project where we will be growing coral buds in a nursery, painting the nursery, and transplanting the coral throughout predetermined locations.
2. Mangroves 4 Bali - together with Coral Triangle Centre and Trash Hero Indonesia we are creating a mangrove nursery in local schools and stakeholders around Nusa Penida. Our interns collect propagules around the beach in Klungkung regency and plant and grow them in predetermined nursery locations across Nusa Penida using 100% recycled material such as plastic bottles. After 3 months of care, the propagules are transplanted in coastal areas around Bali.

Social responsibility

We work together with Indonesian projects such as Coral Triangle Centre and closely with the local manager of the MPAís. Our Mangrove project intends to involve multiple communities across the island by placing small mangrove nurseries in schools in Nusa Penida and promoting education and conservation awareness through local initiatives.

Each participant is sent various pre arrival information including:
1. Welcome Guide with all the travel, food, accommodation, and insurance information needed while planning your trip and managing expectations
2. Term and Conditions and our code of conduct contract
3. Pre Arrival Fish ID Study Guide, to help prepare of the survey dives and BRUV analysis
4. Project Guide with all location information and project methodology, and introduction to each of the projects and their roll
Working with our local conservation officer and cultural liaison, we contribute to the locally run MPA including offering free open access data designed for their needs. We also offer cultural trips to famous temples to experience Balinese cultural on off days.
Participants are given a cultural workshop when they arrive to explain the cultural doís and doníts in Nusa Penida
90% of our staff is Indonesian from Nusa Penida, Lombok, Sulewasi, Java, and main land Bali. So not only do we have guides on the island but also for tips and information about many different islands and cultures across the nation.
We work with the local MPA to manage their coral reefs and help to understand their fishing supplies, we train local dive masters in these techniques in hopes they can continue this monitoring independently.
Offer local tours around Nusa Penida to see the land based and cultural sites. Hindu Balinese cultural is set deep in respecting natural and all life, there are hundreds of temples on Nusa Penida open to the public to explore and share in the natural beauty with informative local guides to explain each temples purpose in the community.

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