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Conscious Travel is a Boutique Tour Operator specialized in sustainable tourism and authentic discoveries in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion Islands. We strive to show an authentic and respectful approach through our tailor-made trips to discovering destinations; that one of raw nature, deep cultural encounters and impactful ways of traveling. All our activities are non-motorized, aiming to preserve the environment, respect wildlife, and support directly local players through our community-based immersions. Our project, based in Mauritius, has recently expanded to our neighbour islands of Rodrigues and Reunion to offer an even more exciting and comprehensive trans-island journey to the Indian Ocean.
Member since: 10 Jul 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We are committed to work with, support and promote small and medium local enterprises set
up independently and run by the local community, such as small family-run Guest Houses and
locally owned Eco-Lodges & Hotels; local entrepreneurs and freelance guides; local public and
private transport companies.
? Mauritius Conscious proposed tours and excursions leak financially to the local community,
creating jobs or alternative revenue streams for those who need it most (small restaurants and
food stalls, artisans, organic planters).
? Our Conscious itineraries include suggestions of places and organizations to buy authentic and
handmade souvenirs, eco-conscious crafts and fair-trade products.
? Our Conscious itineraries include suggestions of family-run Restaurants to eat authentic
Mauritian meals, as well as places to buy local organic produce.
? Mauritius Conscious strives to create a conscious community where all our members can build
on each otherís ideas and success stories, promoting economic growth and sustainable
? The company invite partners to buy organic products at most in the local area. The food is at
most seasonal and made by support the local recipes/ gastronomy

Environmental responsibility

All of Mauritius Consciousí proposed tours and excursions are non-motorized, proposing
eco-conscious alternatives to the popular boat trips and day-tours by car; we motivate travelers
to opt for sea-kayaking, stand up paddle, electric bikes, mountain bikes, walking tours and hikes.
? Most of our service providers' (lodging options & guides) meeting points are located close to a
bus stop, making it possible to propose multi-day trips by public transport. To support travelers
opting for this trips, we've created a step-by-step Guide to Mauritius' Bus Network.
? Mauritius Conscious tours and excursions happen either in exclusivity or in small groups of
average 6 people, to minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing safety and
interaction with local guides.
? We are committed to defend animal welfare, discarding activities depriving animals from their
natural rights (walk with lions, crocodile park) or invasive to their natural habitats (swim with
? Our hikes, treks & kayaking excursions include individual cleaning kits (in collaboration with My
Green Trip) for travelers to proactively help us clean-up debris left behind in nature. When
possible, the collected trash is deposited in the segregated bins of Mission Verte for recycling
? Mauritius Conscious' providers of water-based activities promote the use of biodegradable and
reef-friendly sunscreens, be it by including them free of charge in their excursions or by selling
them at their shops
All of our nature-based excursions aim to raise awareness of the places' flora and fauna and their
relevance to the natural and social environments, ranging from rainforest to coral reefs and
? Mauritius Conscious service providers are encouraged and expected to reduce, reuse and recycle
waste whenever possible. Examples include:
? Use of stainless steel cups to pour refreshments during our tours
? Install water filters at their premises & shops
? Offer homemade, waste-free picnics
? Refillable dispensers for soap and shampoo
? Fabric towels instead of paper towels
? Furniture & decoration of Conscious Lodges made from upcycled woods and natural
elements (driftwood, natural plants, pebbles, bleached corals)
? Limiting the amount of printed documents, marketing materials & brochures. When
doing so, consider double-sided printing and recycled paper.
? Waste sorting at their premises / tours for recycling and proposer disposal
(electronic waste)
? Mauritius Conscious service providers are encouraged and expected to reduce & reuse their
water consumption whenever possible. Examples include:
? Rain catch system to wash equipment, floors & water plants
? Eco-flow washbins, toilets & pressured showers
? Mauritius Conscious service providers are encouraged and expected to monitor and reduce their
electricity consumption whenever possible. Examples include:
? Install fans in rooms and common areas as an alternative to air conditioning
? 100% use of energy saving LED lights in their venues (Hotels, offices, shops)
? Use of solar panels to heat up water and, in the best cases, produce electricity
? Mauritius Conscious service providers are encouraged and expected to abide to a Green
Purchasing Policy. Commitments may include:
? Choose biodegradable detergents and cleaning soaps made with natural ingredients
? Avoid chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, unless organic
? Reuse & refill containers by buying in bulk at the local market
? Grow your own orchard or organic garden, or support local organic planters
? Support Mauritian products whenever possible, or products from the Region

Social responsibility

We are committed to offer authentic holiday products with a direct link to Mauritian culture,
heritage or history.
? Travelers are advised, before their cultural tours and immersions, of the cultural norms, dress 3
code and formalities to follow to be respectfully within places of worship or ethnic minorities.
? All of Mauritius Conscious tours and excursions are led by local guides from the areas visited.
? Mauritius Conscious accommodation providers proudly promote Mauritian traditions and arts
through painting, sculpture, architecture, gastronomy and mini concerts or jam sessions.
? Our cultural immersions bring travelers closer to Mauritius' unique heritage and old trades, such
as playing the ravanne, preparing a meal at a local's place, visiting local farmers, traditional
fishing and workshops with local artisan

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