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Transguadiana was created 31 years ago in the Baixo Guadiana region of the Algarve. It is a travel agency and tour operator of family origin, very connected to the communities where it operates. We want to promote the local development of our communities through Responsible Tourism, to help solve the problems of desertification and unemployment in our region. By preserving our traditions and culture, respecting the environment and promoting slow tourism that is sustainable
Member since: 20 Jul 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We always use local accommodation: small hotels and wherever
possible “turismo no espaηo rural.” They offer rural accommodation, run
by local families.
• We work exclusively with local service providers that are small
businesses, helping them to survive in an often depopulating area.
• Our holidays take our clients on journeys through small rural
villages, where all restaurants are owned locally.
• So we help to conserve a rural lifestyle and contribute to the
overall sustainable development of the region.
• We are independent and a family owned business competing with
huge international tour operators.
• 90% of the team are local employees hired with clear job
• Employees are trained and supported so that they can meet the
objectives and standards set by our guests and our management.

Environmental responsibility

Cycling and walking are the ideal way carbon free way to
the countryside without damaging the environment.
• Our range of tours support and promote the following
Natural Parks:
- Reserva Natural do Sapal
- Parque Natural da Ria Formosa
- Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana
• We encourage people to visit their information & exhibition
and urge them to use the recommended trails to avoid
or damaging the fauna and flora.
• We make use of digital/electronic information where possible
communication, GPS guides) and avoid glossy brochures and
er information packs.
• We buy all our food from local farmers that use traditional
organic methods.
• Our office and all our hotels have water saving taps and
toilets installed, and we encourage our guests to save water by
using the quick flushing option.
• We also encourage the saving of water and detergents by
using their towels and sheets more than once.
• All our hotels buy most of their food and wine from local
that use traditional and organic methods.

Social responsibility

Despite its climate and beauty, this part of the Algarve and Alentejo has
very little tourism.
Some areas are genuinely untouched and so unspoilt, that you see a
way of life long forgotten elsewhere.
• We route our guests through these places and encourage them to
interact with the friendly locals.
• Our holidays include areas where salt, fish, fruit, vegetables,
cheese, bread and pastries are harvested/made using traditional
methods, so we recommend visits to these places and shops.
• We promote the local food and wine in our guides,
encouraging our clients to try the specialities of the region.
• All our holidays include visits to local museums and monuments,
and we always highlight the local architecture in our guides.

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