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Go Global Indonesia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose vision centers on developing a society of change makers through intercultural learning opportunities to help young adults develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to be broadminded and culturally sensitive future change makers. We provide high quality and internationally curated intercultural programs in 4 program suites: Internship abroad, study abroad, volunteer abroad, and Hosting International Volunteers in Community Service programs. We are equipped with EBICL (Experience-Based Intercultural Learning) framework, allowing participants to really engage with the experience before, during and after their trip, and gain Global Competence Certification after the program.
Member since: 25 Jul 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our programs collaborate with local communities’ effort to improve their economic conditions. Volunteers are assigned to project sites to contribute to the community’s cause first-hand. The programs’ activities focus on creative economy in the area, depending on the potential of their resources. Volunteers may be involved in developing the means of creative economy, or in the case of pre-established businesses, be involved in their daily operations

Our community service projects encourage volunteers to provide facilitations in capacity building workshops, in order to assist underprivileged members of the community in pursuing higher education or securing better job opportunities.

Our organization employs local agents within the community for our tour activities and chartered transport. We also support small businesses in the area by staying in family-run accommodations and eating at local eateries.

Our volunteers are supported with a dedicated facilitator from the organization of their volunteer placement, who are financially subsidized from the volunteer’s paid program fee.

Environmental responsibility

Our application process is done entirely online. Applicants’ required documents are uploaded into our system for submission. Correspondence with applicants are also conducted online.

We strongly support environmentally friendly practices in our community service projects. The programs that we run are tailored to protect the local environment, both in the form of environmental conservation projects and other activities that are self-sustainable in its nature, such as:
Developing permaculture garden, in order to promote sustainable agriculture in Lumajang, East Java
Artisan food production, using traditional methods of producing food and spices in Ende, Flores.
Work in collaboration with honeybee farmers to conserve honeybees, which are decreasing in population all over the world.
Volunteers who are placed in the deaf-mute community in Bali are expected to facilitate workshops in managing waste and maintaining the environment.
Our program in Belgium challenges volunteers to create and manage art exhibitions in an art site that are eco-friendly and self-sustainable.

We minimize the use of paper by printing documents in moderation and prioritizing the use of soft copies whenever possible. We also limit the printed copies of our brochures.

Our staff are encouraged to take public transport instead of personal vehicle to work. Currently, nearly all of our staff opt to do the former.

Each destination has their own unique environmental characteristics, and our staff and volunteers will be briefed by the local facilitator on saving water and energy during their stay, as well as care for the local wildlife and ecosystems.

Social responsibility

Our organization collaborates with local communities to further their development amidst the challenges and shortcomings that they face.

We aim to preserve the traditional wisdoms and ways of life by applying innovative methods to ensure its sustainability.

Prior to their arrival, volunteers are given a “Welcome to Indonesia” handbook, a guide document containing the general information about the country, as well as its social, political, and cultural condition.

Our programs equip volunteers with intercultural orientations prior to their departure for their volunteering destination. These orientations will be facilitated by local intercultural experts.

Volunteers are expected to learn, adapt to, and be involved in the local culture and activities during their stay. They are briefed prior to their arrival, during their arrival, and when they return home, in order to facilitate the process of cultural exchange

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