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Travel The Unknown was founded in 2008 to offer exciting small group and tailormade tours to destinations less readily available.
Member since: 26 Jul 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We are proud to team up with Future Generations in India, a NGO which runs a number of development projects throughout Arunachal Pradesh. Their initiatives include women's empowerment, governance, health, conservation and peace building. 
In Oaxaca, Mexico, we work with Fundacion En Via in developing a responsible tourism project that uses microfinance as a means to help local people help themselves by harnessing the positive effects of tourism. 
We plan to develop further community-based tourism projects with these and other partners in the future. We will also make regular contributions towards their projects and help to raise the profile of these organisation in the UK and beyond.
Our goal is to support a portfolio of worthwhile NGO that focus on grassroots development. 

Environmental responsibility

Eco-tourism and carbon footprints are recently hitting the headlines, but this in an area we have taken seriously for some time. We encourage our guides to think sustainably and we use environmentally sustainable accommodation options whenever possible. To minimise waste, all of our brochures and itineraries are also available for online browsing or PDF download and we no longer print large volumes to be used at trade shows.
We also urge you to consider a contribution to Climate Care to help offset carbon emissions generated on your travels.
All guides are trained to be environmentally responsible and ensure our clients follow strict guidelines. All waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner, and when no facilities are available we transport waste somewhere where it can be disposed of responsibly.

Social responsibility

Our clients are advised on how to be sensitive to local attitudes and act responsibly in their interaction with local people, they also have our local guide on hand to monitor encounters. Examples of local customs and general courtesy that our clients will be briefed about is asking permission before taking photographs, appropriate dress codes and what appropriate conduct is in places of worship - ensuring clients behave appropriately.

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