Villa Maecenas

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The retreat offers and runs an active program of writing courses and art workshops, also yoga and meditation retreats, lectures, debates and entertainment. Set-up for intellectual and spiritual seekers; art, music, literature and culture are at the heart of what we do. The property has its own organic garden that provides most of our vegetables and salads. Facilities include swimming poll, movie room, fish pond, herb garden, library and also a fruit orchard. Surrounded by wild nature, there are many trails for hiking and picturesque points to relax, read a book, picnic or meditate.
Member since: 15 Aug 2018

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Economic responsibility

We sponsor a Residency program for artists, writers, musicians, dancers etc, who are in need of a space to work or seek inspiration. The Maecenas foundation aims to provide visiting artists a tranquil space, comfortable accommodation and working area. Some programs will offer free stay and full board, others just accommodation. Also we make a biannual donation of 50% of our weekly profit to a street dogs charity in Spain YOGALGO and intend to extend this donation to other charities, but specifically charities that deal with drug addiction, a problem that affects many youths in our community in Ibiza. The water used in the property comes from our own well and it is used responsibly.

Environmental responsibility

We recycle our thrash and use the compost to fertilise the herb/vegetable garden. We also keep a fruit orchard and almost 100% of our food is locally sourced and organic. We donate money to Rescue centres in Ibiza to help the population of abandoned animals, a very big problem in Spain. Inside the retreat we promote a vegetarian diet by educating the guests about the benefits to health and nature/humankind as a whole.

Social responsibility

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