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Travel with purpose develops meaningful travel-programs as a representative taking the traveller on a Journey. Offering the traveller a meaningful program with Wellness - Purpose - Adventure. As all journeys should have balance involving self-care, purpose and exciting adventures. The mission is to take the traveller on an exploring voyage more than just a travel alone, and with our passion in meaningful travels the journey starts.
Member since: 17 Aug 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Provide a quality service suitable for travelers seeking a healthy-wellness, outdoors and memorable experience on the Cape Verde Islands.
Providing a service which includes of more local guesthouses and family stays within the program. This not only provides income for locals in more remote areas but also gives the traveler a rich full experience.

We also provide meals at local restaurants and or at family guesthouses providing again another source of income to small/micro business.

Myself am locally owned and we do also work with local guide and use local transport services.

All our programs are created with use of local meals/restaurants that are locally owned incl. stayovers etc, and in this way clients get directly informed. We do not work with big abroad Hotel chains etc. for example and only work with eco-lodges or small family guesthouses.

Environmental responsibility

In terms of environment we have programs build where the traveler actually has to be active in environmental projects and raise local awareness.

- We ourselves do not use printed brochures and travel programs are send digitally, to which travelers are informed why we send programs digital.
We re-use printed paper, but mostly try to work digital as much as possible.

- We dont have airconditioning and keep windows open for fresh air.

- All clients are informed about lack of water on the Cape Verde Islands before the program here and at stayovers we use this is written either at the entrance or inside the room on the door.

- In case of lunchboxes needed only containers are used.

During our trekking we also do responsible treks where the travelers contributes in beach clean ups.

This is a way for the traveler to learn about conservation on Cape Verde and as a responsible traveler understands also our personal responsibility on travel and conservation.

Social responsibility

Produce activity programs that would satisfy our customers with a meaningful experience adding value to our educational programs. Evaluating current cultural and social issues affecting the community for our meaningful programs. Participate in local community service by providing through our extended programs.
All of our purpose programs have been created for the community based on the current needs, clients participating on the program will be informed about social impacts and the responsibility travelers have while staying in a country and leaving it.

We also work with a guide that has a social sciences degree to which clients receive a lot of information throughout the program about culture, social development and education on Cape Verde.

All programs have been developed with the attention on social development and Tourism, with a team specialization in meaninful travel projects and community development.

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