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Esperanso is a Socially Responsible Tour Operator. We offer a unique style of travel in Israel where you serve and support the communities you’re visiting, while experiencing a fun, relaxing, unimaginable trip of a lifetime. Each tour is uniquely created to give an incredible experience combined with fun and selfless giving. At the end of every trip, the traveller will have the opportunity to choose one organization to receive a financial gift from Esperanso – 2% of the cost of the tour.
Member since: 29 Aug 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

In addition to combining responsible tourist activities in every tour we offer, Esperanso donates 2% of every tour booked through us to one of our partner organizations (or other organizations to the choice of the customer). We only employ and work with local suppliers and guides in Israel. Our impact on the local communities and organizations is huge. Every tour is providing direct benefits to the organizations and the people who need it the most.

Environmental responsibility

We follow the rules and regulations when bringing our groups into the national parks and are communicating with the best practices for them to be responsible travellers. We suggest ways to minimize the effect on the environment and are encouraging the travellers to recycle as much as possible. As a company we do our best to maintain the highest level of responsibility toward the environment. We minimize the use of paper and unsustainable materials. We try to use bicycles to get in to the office.

Social responsibility

On each of our tours, we combine socially responsible activities that are supporting local communities and organizations. For example- a visit to a local winery that employs people with special needs, a visit to a centre that provides employment to people with special needs. A theatre that is run by and for deaf and blind people and many more organizations and communities. Supporting local communities and organizations is our mission and we are proud of our business model which take in consideration the socially responsible aspect in every tour.

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