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Travellers Worldwide organises voluntary work placements overseas. We have a diverse range of projects, from teaching conversational English in poor communities to conservation work with endangered animals. On top of this we offer work experience placements (Journalism, Law, Veterinary and Medicine) Sports placements and opportunities to learn languages, cultural specific courses and other skills. Projects are unique and tailored to suit the individual! All placements are flexible (2 weeks - 1 year) and qualifications are not required. Full support is provided within the country ensuring a safe and exciting way to experience a different culture whilst making a difference!
Member since: 17 Jul 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Travellers Worldwide volunteers work directly with communities and in the majority of our countries, our staff force in-destination are locally employed workers. We are responsible for over 100 overseas staff in 20 different countries.
  • Travellers Worldwide ensures that all new projects are researched fully, considering the local economic and cultural factors as well as the level of impact. We do not embark on any project that is not beneficial to the communities, institutes or volunteers.
  • Our volunteers interact with the indigenous community and make the most of local opportunities available to them, such as shopping at local markets, eating in local restaurants and using local services and transport. We also suggest hiring a local guide.

Environmental responsibility

  • Our UK office minimizes waste; our Extranet site provides volunteers with documents and correspondence electronically. For each brochure that is downloaded instead of printed, we donate 50p to worthwhile tree planting projects. We recycle and staff have set up car-share schemes and encourage cycling.
  • Our conservation projects help in important scientific research, rehabilitation, enclosure enrichment projects, hands-on and interactive work, and animal welfare development. We are actively involved in many important conservation initiatives around the world.
  • Travellers Worldwide staff stress to volunteers that water in developing countries is used sparingly, suggest using environmentally friendly toiletries and strongly recommend volunteers to minimise emissions by ‘carbon neutralising’ their flights.

Social responsibility

  • Donations to Sri Lanka include £2,500 sent immediately after the Tsunami and funding to build a new classroom for a school, enabling 60 additional local children to receive an education. Other schools around the world have received additional teachers, computers, TVs and school uniforms.
  • We currently are aiding orphanages in India and fundraising to create a playground. We contribute financially to a Home in Buenos Aires to support children whose parents are infected with or who have died of HIV.
  • We donate money to various Nature Reserves and animal sanctuaries, built an educational amphitheatre and assist with transport/petrol expenses for Wildlife Department Patrol Vehicles in Kenya.

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