Ace the Himalaya

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The company's founders, Prem Khatri and Kathy Serra, have achieved Ace the Himalaya through a balance of hard work and determination, staying focused on the development of each clientís requirements, along with years of practical experience in Tourism.

Our main direction is to provide adventure tourism whilst generating a fairer income for the local community. We pride ourselves on vast knowledge and networks which allows us to focus on every detail of your journey ensuring minimal impact on the environment and local people.

Join us for all trekking, touring, outdoor adventure and Culture experience in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.
Member since: 24 Aug 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We believe in contributing to the reduction of poverty by encouraging protection to preserve cultural heritage, high mountain regions, nature reserves, and parklands with constant and improvements to monuments, shrines, museums as well as historic sites which will enhance its beneficial impact on the local economy.
  • We use locally owned hotels and lodges, and visit locally owned shops, restaurants, and markets on our tours.
  • All our tours guides and porters are from the local communities that we travel in; they receive medical care when ill or injured and are provided with basic accommodation, weatherproof clothes and food. We have insurance policies for each of our employees.

Environmental responsibility

  • At the office we run energy saving bulbs and turn off any un-necessary electricity, each night we switch all power sources, including computers at the power point. We have minimized our paper output by creating online brochures and e-newsletters.
  • We use gas for cooking and heating purposes to protect the forest. Rubbish is disposed of correctly and we leave campsites in better condition than we found them. We donít pollute water sources, with soap or rubbish wastage and aim to minimise water usage.
  • We protect natural aspects and avoid creating new trails across switchbacks, fields and in high fragile areas.

Social responsibility

  • We are associated with the Sambhav Nepal Foundation, with many children benefiting from travellers' donations. We advise against handing out pens, sweets, chocolate or anything else as this only encourages begging.
  • Through this Foundation we offer English Medium schooling and health services for a remote isolated region of Gorkha.
  • We offer cultural advice for travellers on appropriate dress, photography (especially in, monasteries, shrine rooms of dzongs and religious institutions), etc.

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