India Footprints Adventure

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India Footprints caters to clients who want responsible tourism. India Footprints helps the local aboriginals by providing them with medical assistance, education, training and employment. When you take a tour with India Footprints, it is not only about tourism, you contribute to environment, the nature and the wildlife.

India Footprints venture into Wildlife Tourism is not borne out of commercial interests, but out of a desire to share experiences and delights of this beautiful country with other fellow environmentalists, wild life and nature lovers.
Member since: 05 Sep 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We support local income generation and small business enterprises by supporting locally owned shops (carpets, jewellery, souvernirs, paintings) and restaurants, and using local guide services and transport. (We do not take any commission from the shops.)
  • We give preference for direct employment to local people. We employ 12 in our office. We provide in-house training where reasonably practicable to give more opportunity for employment to local people.
  • We ask all our lodge owners to employ local tribal people so that the community can benefit from economic upliftment. We also suggest they use the ash trays, tray mats and paintings made by the local tribal people.

Environmental responsibility

  • Since we specialize in wildlife & cultural tourism we concentrate on using eco friendly hotels/lodges
  • Since we are blessed with great forest cover our sole aim is to keep the group size as small as possible (max 10-12 guests) so that the impact on a particular destination is minimized & the clients leave fewer footprints & hence not causing the undue stress on Nature.
  • We try to use hotels with non-centralized air conditioners and environmental friendly properties with proper waste management. E.g. Recycling water for garden use.

Social responsibility

  • It is not possible to make your presence every where but we strongly feel that by giving education we can save the wildlife & can teach the local community that they will survive if the wildlife survives. So a small amount of our profits goes to a school in Kanha every year.
  • India footprints is associated with NGO SWEEAR through direct and indirect help in child education, family empowerment, civic hygiene, medical support etc. We help in organising health camps in remote places.
  • We encourage our clients to show kindness to the social sensitivities of the destinations. Every 100km the culture, langauage and caste changes so its necessary to keep the clients well informed. We impart education to the local tribal guides to improve the quality of their services thus also helping the local upliftmnet of the local economy.

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