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Kayak Voyagers offers week long excursions aboard a custom built vessel, Mirage. Activities include, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkelling, hiking, swimming and beach combing. As a shallow draft vessel, Mirage is uniquely suited to anchor in places that allow for the activities that we provide. Our tours include lodging aboard Mirage, meals, drinks, and all the relevant water sports equipment.
Member since: 10 Sep 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Kayak Voyagers carries a Foreign Charter License to operate in the Bahamas. As a Foreign Charter, we are assessed 4% of our gross sales. The Port Department of the Bahamas ear mark these revenues for the communities in the "family islands" where we operate. We pay anchorage and mooring fees that generate revenue for the parks we visit.

Kayak Voyagers hires local members of the community to help prepare the vessel for trips and sourcing supplies. Food, fuel and miscellaneous supplies are sourced from the local island communities. We source seafood directly from local fisherman. The family island economies depend a good deal on the boaters passing through and the purchases they make. Tourism and fishing are the main drivers of the island economy. We encourage customers to consider purchasing locally created art and curios at shops in the communities we visit.

Environmental responsibility

Our charter vessel, Mirage, is perfectly suited for anchoring out sustainably. There is no generator for power. Instead, Mirage has a system of solar panels and batteries that use no fuel and generate power silently. The small office aboard Mirage is powered without using fuel.

Domestic water and drinking water aboard Mirage is produced from sea water using a reverse osmosis filter, so water is precious. Water conservation is encouraged at all times. Water on the family islands is also precious. The drinking water on the islands is produced from ground water that also goes through reverse osmosis filtration. Customers are encouraged to take drinking water from the vessel when visiting shore.

Our trips include a visit to the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. Their mission is marine conservation and terrestrial conservation within the park. The work done here impacts conservation efforts throughout the Bahamas.

Many of the places we visit in the Bahamas are remote. Evidence of others is still present though. We at Kayak Voyagers insists on a leave-no-trace practices as we explore these beautiful islands. Since we encourage our customers to pick up conspicuous garbage left from others, the places we visit are often nicer than before we arrived.

Social responsibility

There are many local entrepreneurs and artisans that rely on visitor spending for their living. We encourage the visitors that come on our trips to buy from local artisans and shops. For example we introduce our guests to a celebrated, local sea shell artisan who sells her work locally. I wrote a blog article about her and her work to give her more exposure. We seek local guides for transportation and information when visiting the community.

Schools on the family islands are often crowded and understaffed. The quality of the primary education system determines the quality of life on the islands and the success of the younger generations. Funding is from the national government in Nassau. They appreciate donated supplies that fit their curriculum. We have approached the school administration and inquired about their needs and the process that must be followed to donate appropriately. We have donated supplies and have offered to facilitate donations from our guests.

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