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Enjoy genuine travel experiences in Asia from the world’s leading specialists for the Trans-Siberian, Silk Road and the Caucasus. Sundowners Overland has been crafting pioneering adventures across Asia since 1964. Find yourself among friends as you travel on small group tours and independent adventures. Follow ancient trails of trade and conquest and encounter golden empires as you traverse unique landscapes by rail, road and sea. Using local transport, local Tour Leaders, Local Guides and local ‘City Ambassadors’, Sundowners Overland provides local insights and ensures money flows into the local economy. Whether you want action-packed adventure, in-depth discovery, something leisurely or world-class luxury, there’s an overland journey for you.
Member since: 13 Dec 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Sundowners Overland’s unique proposition is to see the destination through the eyes of a local. We have a St
Petersburg office which employs 4 people in a variety of roles.
We work with Local Partners and local communities in all our destinations to provide activities and accommodation.
We contract the services of Local Guides and City Ambassadors through our Local Partners. In addition, we partner
with local families to provide homestays and Mongolian ger stays which vastly enhance the experience and
understanding of the local people for our guests.
Because of the nature and remoteness of our destinations (eg Mongolia, Iran, Caucasus) nearly all our suppliers
employ only local people and use local sources of food, drinks and other materials.

Environmental responsibility

In our head office in Melbourne we have recycling bins for paper and printer toner. We recycle out of date
brochures and have a cap on the number of brochures that we print and have a policy to use these sparingly and
send digital copies as much as we can.
We advise our clients to travel with refillable water bottles to reduce plastic waste in our destinations. Our Tour
Leaders (and the information we provide) advise travellers how to minimise water usage and reduce our
environmental impact in the destinations we visit.
On visits to national parks you visit we brief our clients on environmental responsibility – asking them not to take
anything away and to be mindful about litter – taking it away from conservation areas if possible, ensuring it is
disposed responsibly if not.
We utilise the local transport network by using public trains for most rail travel, restrict the use of private vehicles
and air travel, which reduces our carbon footprint.

Social responsibility

All our travellers are provided with accurate pre-trip information on the social, cultural, historical and political
background of the countries that they are visiting. As part of this we advise our clients on ways they can maximise
their interactions with local people and avoid causing offense.