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TreXperience Peru is a local Peruvian company based in the City of Cusco, established in 2016. We are specialized in adventure travel and non-conventional tourism, we organized our tour in a responsible way helping local communities and preserving our environment. Promoting gender equality, and woman´s empowerment, river cleaning campaigns, native trees planting. Which maximise the positive effect of tourism activities locally.
Member since: 25 Sep 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

 AS COMPANY Our aim is to maximize the positive effects of tourism on local communities and the environment. We do this by hiring local staff (including porters, chefs, guides, suppliers) and involving them in a sustainable business model that benefits everyone. Additionally, we organize activities that support the development of local communities and promote environmental conservation. These include cultural exchanges, volunteering, direct donations and clean up campaigns. Our philosophy is that we “leave no trace” in every single place that we visit, and we encourage each and every one of our staff, guides, and guests follow these principles to preserve these magical places.

We work with Local Communities like Paru-Paru village located 4-hour ride outside of Cusco, In this village we have around 30 to 40 Porters that they work with us, some of them permanently and some from time to time since all of them are farmers. Working for us in the Inca Trail as porter it’s going to give them more opportunities, not only extra money income but most important is going to give them security, to be able to send their children to school, to invest money in education. Being a farmer In Peru is not good business, and in a year they call sell their products one to two times. This money is not enough to support the large families. Working in tourism and getting an extra income every week working as a porter will really change the life specially the next generation since because of education they will not work as a porter anymore. This lesson I had experience myself, I’m writing this now because I have studied tourism but back in the years 2005- 2008 I used to work as a porter to support myself financially.

We promote as well gender equality, and woman´s empowerment. This is really important and we need more Organization to do the same. Peru is a country where we still have a lot of domestic violence, also most organizations will hire only male staff thinking that they will perform better. This will give as a result less opportunities to women starting in the families and the communities that they think is better not to spend money in education because at the end the women will become a house wife. We are committed to change this idea and show that we are same male and female workers. We hired Local woman porter, chefs, and Tour Guides. This gives a lot more freedom to our young female generation to seek for a better future, and encouraged their parents as well to invest money in education.

We organize Cleaning campaigns in the rivers. Specially Urubamba river since is the place I grew up and used to swim, but because our growing cities the river has been polluted and now we trying to have a clean water river, also we help to organize, and participate actively in reforestation campaigns. This year so far we successfully perform 2 of this activities in the Community of Cachiccata, planting first Queuña (Polylepis) a native tree of the Andes, and just 2 weeks ago we help to plant together with other organization Tara (Caesalpina spinosa). Planting native trees will help to attract native birds, help our environment, but most important we will water, and with water- life

Environmental responsibility

The good environmental practices starts at home. For this reason TreXperience staff will held environmental training all the time and then pass it around in all our communities.

At our office first we separate garbage, Green colour for Organic waste, red colour for plastic, Blue for paper and depending on the type It will be donated to people who recycle paper, we also separate Glass, and cans. This policy we apply properly since we work with the government and use the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Garbage handling is really important and part of our business.

We reuse, first paper, we avoid buying plastic stuff, we work from 8:00am – to 6:00pm so we reduce the use of energy and use only natural light, on our tour we provide snacks in our own reusable bags to avoid plastic.

We encourage guest to reduce the use of plastic on our tours especially because we take tour to the mountains, lakes, protected areas, natural wonders. First Peru is a rainy place so we give and reuse plastic ponchos to Our Guest, we provide Company snack bags, and we provide boiled water so they don’t need to buy a plastic bottle, we encouraged them to pick up garbage on the trails, and this is something our guest will love.

The use of water is always limited, like we provide them buckets of warm water to wash and clean so they don’t need to dirty the rivers, streams, and lakes we visit, we provide as well hot showers in our tours, we use for this bags that use solar energy to heat the water and only 10 litters, so our guest will have to take a quick shower. Our tour guide will always recommend how much water a guest should take in order to avoid carrying, since most of our tours are Trekking.

To avoid damaging the environment and wildlife ecosystem we first don’t leave any garbage on our tours, reduce the water usage, and reduce the pollution to rivers, lakes, streams. Most of our tours are aim to enjoy nature, birds, and flowers. Our guest they can take pictures but they cannot take any flowers, no hunting, and no camping in areas that affects the wildlife like Close to lakes. We don’t wash or clean directly in streams or lakes to avid the pollution.

Social responsibility

To avoid negative Impact in our Local Communities. First we will avoid the pollution, we have a zero
tolerance against child exploitation and sexual exploitation in the field of tourism, also we encourage our guest no to take gifts as candies or cooking to local children, is better to donate a book, a pen, or something that will be useful. We have to Social project that we support directly, one is a greenhouse that produce and donate vegetable and native plants, and the other is a small library we support with internet, so our children will be able to grow up with the modern technology, both of them located In the Parompampa and Cachiccata Village.

Travelers Code Of conduct.
We are proud to maintain an excellent record of safety operations throughout our tours. Every year we held safety trainings for all our staff. Please fallow tour guides Instruction
We are always aware of the political, natural, weather situation of our country, we’ve developed security standards to protect our guests and employees. We will not go to places where it can be a risk to their safety and security.
We are constantly training our porters, chef, tour guides about safety, security, recycling, and new regulations. Help us to guide you is responsible way
Water is the most important resource we need for life. It allows us to prepare food, bathe, drink, wash and clean. For this reason s we have a strict policy about water waste and pollution
Peru is one of the most bio diverse countries in the world, is our responsibility to protect them by minimizing water, garbage and air pollution.
We contribute many local nonprofit organizations and also organize volunteerism in several local communities. If you will like to contribute or participate do let us know.

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