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Adventures with impact - - Vegan Adventure Holidays run small group trips in Guatemala, Belize, Colombia & Costa Rica
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Work in collaboration with local guides and currently one local charity in Guatemala

Join up are a non for profit organization doing great work; they work with 'at risk' kids and teenagers in the local community to teach peaceful leadership through equine therapy and mindfulness techniques, I absolutely love what they're doing! Last year I helped them out more on a personal level with some media coverage as I write for a couple of publications and this year I'll be giving them $50 for every Guatemala trip booking made.

All meals are included on the trips I run and to be honest, out here in Guatemala the only option is locally sourced food! I work closely with the local organic farm which is a big employer in the area and most of the restaurants I use with my groups are actually supplied by that farm too. I work with a couple of different hotels all of which use locally sourced textiles, art and soft furnishings, one of them also uses a lovely local supplier (Tierra & lava) for all their toiletries which are vegan and non-toxic.

Environmental responsibility

This is an ever evolving process! Hereís what Iím doing currently:

// Providing re-uasable lunch boxes on all trips (not for clients to keep, just during the trip)
// Only using hotels with an eco-filtro; this is a water filter that clients can use to re-fill their bottles so no nasty plastic
// All the trips I run include at least one national park and Iíve been working closely with these parks for years
// Due to being a vegan company Iím very mindful of wildlife and of course the use of animals within the tourism industry here in central America

Vegan Adventure Holidays is 80% paper-free, all the pre-trip information I provide is digital unless otherwise requested.

Saving water is something I discuss in my pre-departure meeting with the main focus on showers and being mindful of trying to stick with the 5-minute rule.

The demographic I work with are generally already very well educated on these topics but in pre-departure information and during the pre-departure meeting I discuss 3 main points; the use of marine-friendly sunscreen, appropriate behaviour in regards to animals and marine life (essentially look don't touch) and why we should stick to designated trails when hiking which minimizes damage to environment. I think I mentioned the Members Club which I'll be launching in the new year and the very first masterclass (there will be a new educational masterclass every month) is called 'How To Get Started With Travel Photography' which is directly connected to minimising damage to the environment and wildlife. Something I've seen hundreds of times is this; tourists madly trying to get a shot of a howler monkey or a sloth up in a tree and all the while treading over and destroying a whole colony of ants or other insects which are integral to the eco-system. My intention with this masterclass is to encourage people to be more mindful about their photography and to get intentional about when, where and why they're using their cameras, I hope that makes sense and I'll happily let you into the members club when it's ready!

Social responsibility

I work with local guides on all my trips to make sure that my clients are getting not only a good understanding but a realistic understanding of the local culture and how they play a part in the local economy because of tourism.

Cultural appropriation is something I discuss in my pre-departure meeting with the main points being and correct and socially acceptable use of cameras, the negative impact of over-tipping and giving money to local kids.

here's always a local guide on the included excursions.