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Mammoth Journeys offer cycling holidays across Europe and Iran. Our aim is for individuals is to create purpose within their life, and achieve a goal they thought impossible. To apply the positive lessons learned on their Journey, to the rest of their lives. We give an opportunity for people to combine their two loves; cycling and travelling. We honestly believe the best way to see a country is the steady pace of a bicycle, where you can truly immerse yourself in the culture of your host country, and observe all the beauties that life has to offer.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our aim is to support small and local organisations to allow the local economy to thrive. We
achieve this through employing local services, the accommodation we stay and the restaurants we

Mammoth Journeys employs 3 local guides for our Iranian trip; a driver, cycle guide and general
tour guide.
For our Israel Tour (to be announced end of Oct), we have employed the use of a local driver and
also a local cycle guide.
Mammoth Journeys achieves these goals by employing local guides, drivers, guides and general
tour guides, and also aim to stay at family run B+B’s en route. On some Journeys we even stay in
local homestays rather than big chain hotels. We can confidently claim the produce is local given
the location of our tours. Off the beaten track with a very hand to mouth lifestyle. When we attend
major cities and towns within Europe we encourage our clients to seek the expertise of a local
guide, versus an overseas seasonaire.
On our European routes we stay in family ran B+B’s where possible. In cities we do not stay in any
AirBnB’s, as this encourages the market and damages renting availability for local residents. The
family run B+Bs will therefore also be employing local residents, rather than hotel chains where
staffing may be acquired from abroad.
Breakfasts using family run B+B’s make it easy to ensure the produce is local and at times even
grown in their own garden, a real bonus.
Lunch and dinners are sought in small restaurants supplied with local produce, versus global chain
eateries. This is achieved by attending places renowned for regular menu changes, depending on
the season and also what is caught by the locals that morning. The same principle is applied for
In Iran we stay in mostly local homestay, away from big chain hotels. All of our meals are sourced
with local produce, in small family run cafes and restaurants – with the exception of Tehran.
For our Middle Eastern Journeys, we rent our bicycles in the country, from a small company,
versus a franchise shop such as Giant or Scott.

Environmental responsibility

Our aim is to have minimal impact on the environment with our cycling Journeys. At Mammoth journeys
we aim to take the road less travelled which therefore has less impact on local communities and
environment. This is achieved by creating routes that are off the beaten track which will cause less tourist
destruction and by making environmentally ethical decisions along the way.
This is achieved through daily practices within the Mammoth Journeys offices, along with ethical decision
making while on tour.
Other ways in which we aim to reduce environmental impacts is by daily practices within our Mammoth
Journeys office. Here, all contracts and client paperwork, including handbooks and brochures, are
electronic therefore no paper or ink required.
Any hard copy maps for clients on the tour is printed on recycled paper and all paper products are recycled.
This is the same process for receipts, we always ask for electronic copies. Our offices are also within our
home, so no commuting footprint is created.
All cycling and sports clothing for staff and clients is produced by the company Owayo, a German based
company with a reputable and robust environmental practice. Including paperless offices, made to measure
and ordered jerseys, energy efficient offices, and a use of fabrics where they can ensure the origin for all
fabrics used within a product. More information on their great work can be found at
On our Journeys we only have one vehicle, the rest of the travel is done using human power, resulting in a
low carbon footprint for our travel. We also offer the option for clients to return to UK with the support
vehicle, versus a flight, to further reduce their CO2 omissions.
To further help, we direct you to an amazing website with some great projects, where you can further
offset your carbon footprint from your time on our trips -
In our workshops and on each Journey, we only use biodegradable oils, lubes and degreasers. Any worn and
usable inner tubes and tyres are disposed of through a local bicycle shop recycling programme. Also, any
old equipment or kit not suitable for our tours, is given to free to a similar incentive for bike building
Any route which goes onto gravel trail or into wooded areas, we inform and educate our clients to stick to
the designated path, so not to disturb the local ecosystem. This is continually enforced and clients are
reminded by the cycle guide during the ride.
While on tour we have a small water tank in our support vehicle which gets filled from the B+B in the
morning. Clients water bottles are then refilled from here, versus buying plastic bottles. We encourage
clients to recycle any snacks and drinks bought on Journey and the support van has coffee keep cups and
metal straws, to avoid single use takeaway coffee cups and plastic straws, respectively.
Clients are educated not to have towels washed daily to help conserve water, as with opting for a shower
over a bath.

Social responsibility

Prior to departure all clients are emailed a PDF pre-Journey handbook explaining and highlighting
the values and morals of Mammoth Journeys, along with the 10 rules of cycling whilst on a
Journey. We aim to create a transformative experience where each client can take away valuable
lessons learnt in regards to responsible travel.
These include being an ambassador for your country, and respecting the host country we are
visiting with regards to the environment and culture. No foul language to be used, no physical or
verbal assault to anyone and no littering.
When riding in Turkey, Morocco and Iran, we ensure both our female and male clients are dressed
appropriately in loose fitting clothing covering the body. Also women are to wear a tunic when
riding to maintain modesty.
On all of our Journeys we do not offer any animal-based entertainment. No local entertainment
where people, especially children, are exploited.
The local guides we use in Iran and Israel, also have a local project they are supporting.
We endeavour as much as possible to travel on quiet routes which are not often frequented by
tourists. This is made possible due to the fact when cycling we can to stop often, whereas coaches
of 50-100 people cannot do this. Travel is always better by bike!
Our European tours are limited to a small group size of a maximum of 10 people. This is to allow
us to sleep in small family run B+B, and eat at smaller non-commercialised cafes and restaurants,
avoiding the cruise ship style tourism.
When our cycle guides bikes have reached the end of their shelf life and no longer appropriate for
work. We take advantage of the ‘Re-Cycle’ project which donates old bikes to individuals in Africa.
A superior social and environmental option versus taking the bike to a landfill. All staff and clients
are made aware of this project, and advised to consider this option in the future. Details of where
to drop your old bike, and how the scheme work can be found at:
At a local level within UK, Richard is currently Level 2 certified by British Cycling, to lead the Let’s
Ride cycles events. This allows a great opportunity for those not comfortable, or physically or
mentally unable to ride independently, to participate in cycling. We encourage staff and clients who
want to help make a difference to individuals looking to participate in cycling, to volunteer at such
an event by marshalling. Further information can be found at:

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