Ampascachi Horse Riding Holidays

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We offer different programs (learn to ride, daily rides and trails) in the Center (Cordoba) and Northwest (Salta, Jujuy) of Argentina.
Member since: 21 Oct 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We employ local people (horse carer, chefs, waitresses, cleaning ladies, guides, baqueanos, etc.) and buy local (food to cook, etc.), we want it to be an overall authentic experience. In Cordoba, in the neighbourhood of the Estancia there are several small shops where you can buy local produce, arts&crafts, etc. Prices are fix, no bargaining. In the north (Salta/Jujuy) you find amazing traditional indigenous arts & crafts.
Our guides are local guides so they can tell and teach a lot on the local history and cultures. There is also always a “baqueano” with the group, this is a person who perfectly knows the areas, a human compass so to say.
Our guests in general, are people with a big sense of protecting wildlife, local traditions, etc.

Environmental responsibility

We avoid trash and recycle (separate trash, reusable bottles), at our Estancia we offer the option of delicious, organic vegetarian food made of vegetables grown by local farmers, we show and teach about wildlife (our guides have a great knowledge on local and national history, local plants and animals like birds, armadillos, lamas, etc., cultures and traditions), we visit National Parks (no entry fee, an official guide leads you through the park and talks about fauna and flora and we all take care not to leave any traces). Our horses live in natural surroundings of 150 hectares wild grown field.
We ask guests to reuse towels and save water when having a shower.
We do not print any emails, we are in contact with clients/agencies, etc. over the internet, we do not print own brochures but publish in a few specific media (brochures or magazines) which is directed to the right clients so there is generally no waste.
Of course we do not leave any litter when we ride through nature or have picnic on the way.

Social responsibility

When we ride through villages or towns, we focus on showing the differences and varieties of cultures within Argentina and with other countries. When we are with our guests, we explain them the history of the places which are combined with different ethnics and cultures (indigenous cultures like Incas, Daguitas, Comechingones, the Spanish conquerors and later immigration waves from mainly European countries like Italy, Spain and Germany). All these cultures are part of the same society, we do not take them to remote living ethnic groups. We always try to make guests adapt to Argentine culture as part of the experience and to avoid claims it is important to accept differences. Nevertheless, we put all our effort in giving the best possible service.
We teach about their traditions and also conflicts.
In our two new programmes we take our guests to the very ancient Carneval in Jujuy/Salta and the rituals of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) that both root in indigenous traditions. In Cordoba we offer a special programme that include learning how to prepare natural cosmetics, mud therapy, classes from local artists, vegetarian cooking classes, etc. We want our guests to learn as much on cultures and traditions as possible.
At all times, groups are accompanied by our guides, especially in the north you find also beautiful arts & crafts made by indigenous people.
If guests wish to keep travelling after the program finishes, we provide them all the necessary information on where to go and what to have in mind.
We send them the PDF for the booked program where they find information on the different villages, towns and places, on history, on the climate, accommodations, our horses and tack, food, etc. The political situation in Argentina is stable.
On our rides we visit local cultures, some in remote places, but they are all embedded in the main society but as they may have different ways of living, we explain their traditions, ways of living, historical background, our attitudes are always respectful.
Yes, a local guide accompanies the group at all times

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