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Explora provides kayak courses, trips and expeditions and works with experienced and qualified coaches and guides. Our aim is to help our clients develop their skills to enable them to explore and enjoy beautiful unspoilt environments, bring them close to nature and strengthen the bond between people and the environment. Our vision is to work hand in hand with local people and communities to provide a deeper experience for our clients and a source of income and development for the locals. Explora is a Community Interest Company.
Member since: 21 Oct 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

In all our trips we make sure we are supporting the local communities and their business by using local guides, renting equipment from small local businesses, staying in local family hotels, using family restaurants and we generally, shop, eat and hire locally whenever possible.
In Greece, we use local guides and organise and sponsor training in the UK, so they can top up their qualifications and increase their job opportunities.
In Greenland we are working with an Inuit family run business set in a remote village of 24 people. We hope that our contribution to their business will help them succeed and stay in their community, keep their children in the local school and, in future, employ other people from the village. In Greenland many people are moving away from their traditions, but this family is keen to keep them alive and keeps a pack of 18 Greenland dogs for their sleds. Therefore, in winter, they are training their dogs, fishing and travelling the traditional way.
In all our trips we offer the opportunity to visit isolated family business. For example in Greenland, we go to a traditional Inuit Restaurant set in a tiny remote community and in Greece we stop in small tavernas and villages that are only accessible by sea. This brings the associated economic benefits.
Aside from supporting and sponsoring the development of kayak guides, we also recommend that our participants make a contribution to a polar bear charity if hey are going to Greenland and, if to Greece, we will soon add a Monk Seal charity operating in the Mediterranean.

Environmental responsibility

Leaflets and trip information is only available online and we do not use printed materials to promote our activities. All our marketing is paper-free.
In our office, all our documentation is digital and we do not use printed paper. Our client forms are sent online and we receive them back via email.
During our tours in Greece, lunches are bought from the local bakery or prepared freshly in the beach from local produce such as brown soda bread, olive oil, tomatoes, peppers, olives and feta cheese by our guides. Therefore, we do not use commercial packaging. For our Greenland trip, where we explore very remote areas without human habitation, we prepare and dehydrate some foods in UK which are then packed to minimise rubbish. Other foods are bought in the local shops and we have a rubbish disposal strategy that is geared to minimise impact and pollution.
Unfortunately, in Greece, many people are not as aware of environmental issues. Therefore, we aim not only to raise awareness of the impact of certain behaviours but also to present some alternatives. For example, the use of plastic straws is very wide spread. We bring paper straws as well as thick pasta to drink our coffees and fresh juices! Many hotels will also change the towels and bedsheets almost on a daily basis. We ask our participants to tell the hotel owners they do not want their linens and towels changed with such frequency but only on request. This will help hotel owners understand that the service they provide can be improved and they can save money too.
As some of our trips take place in some very sensitive remote environments, we provide pre-trip training for our participants on human and general waste management, keeping the body and the clothes clean without polluting the environment and how to minimise the impact of trekking in areas with delicate flora.
In Greece, there is a very large issue with plastic water bottles as at present, there is no alternative drinking water in the islands we visit. We are constantly looking for a solution and have made the island authorities aware of our and our participantsí concerns. This gentle pressure can help bring change and the authorities are in discussions with central government for a better water system.

Social responsibility

We visit culturally varied places that may seem very different to UK visitors. Therefore, we produce a cultural pamphlet for our participants, going over some of the basics, such as how visiting Greenland and making a point of communicating to locals the attraction of the whale can help the Inuit preserve the whale rather than hunt it. Or why Greeks appear not to have the same rules for things as in the UK.
Greenland also has a sensitive history with colonialism and native people. Additionally, the traditional Inuit way of life is quite alien to most westerners so we produce a cultural guide to the Inuit in Greenland.
In 2018, we have started a program of skills development with local guides in Greece. The program is based in the UK and guides will train and obtain UK standard qualifications. This will enable them to access more work opportunities. We will extend this program to Greenland in 2020 where the expedition leader will spend four days doing voluntary work giving training and assessment to local guides so they can obtain qualifications which are recognised internationally.

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