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True Indonesia is developed by PT. Pasir Putih Indonesia. It was developed through the experience of Mr. David Ricci, and Italian citizen living in Indonesia for over 20 years. He is amazed by the beauty of Indonesia and its people. By the help of Mrs. Rachel, his wife, who is an Indonesia, they have the dream to promote the real Indonesia to the world’s eyes. Hence, True Indonesia serves as a bridge for travels to travel in Indonesia responsibly and to promote the local community.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We employ local guides to ensure that we support the local community and to provide the best local places, knowledge, restaurants and others to our guests. There is no better option than the local people to bring the guests around! We also believe that the local guide will know the area better and will help to improve the destination.

We also encourage in resourcing local food. Even Mesastilla, one of the accommodation that we highly suggest to our guests, plant and use their own vegetables at their restaurant. Aside from that, one of our company values is to introduce the real and authentic side of Indonesia. Hence, we highly provide the guests with local foods, drinks, and even accommodation.

Environmental responsibility

We always use a paper-free solution if it is possible. We use hotel vouchers that are smartphone-friendly (easy to look via smartphone or tablet), so we encourage for guests not to print them. Same goes for the trip itinerary. Brochures are all online and we do not print them out unless it is very necessary.

We also inform for guests if they can avoid in using minimal water usage, the better. There are also some accommodations that we suggest have a note of saving water by not changing bathroom towels daily if the guests permit. This way it can also reduce the water usage.

We always encourage our guests to visit places that is environmental friendly and help in protecting the place. We also highly suggest the guests to reduce plastic waster and we try to accommodate the guests to stay at eco-friendly boutique/local hotels/resorts (such as Greenhost Boutique Hotel in Yogyakarta). Aside from that, we do not encourage local guides that promote animal abuse or cruelty (such as feeding the orangutans and elephant ride).

Depending on the destination, we will encourage the guests to visit the local projects, especially the ones that improve the environment. This is because we believe that environment goes hand in hand with tourism. Hence, without preserving the environment, the destination will not be maintained well, and as a result, tourism will also flop too. So, encouraging guests to visit these kinds of places will help a lot.

Social responsibility

Political situation in Indonesia is not that affecting to tourists. Hence, we usually give only general info of the political situation. But, if there are some election or campaign (or anything that will affect the destination), we always give the guests heads up. Other infos (for example, how to treat Indonesian people, how to talk to them, what is appropriate and not appropriate, etc.), will also be informed before or upon arrival.

We believe that every destination has their own unique culture. Hence, it is very important to respect and minimize unnecessary actions that will have a negative impact on the local cultures. We always encourage and remind our local guides to inform the guests about the destination is there is anything that they should know/avoid.

We always have our local guides to accompany the guests in all of the activities and tours in Indonesia (except for the free time). Aside from the benefit of the ability on explaining the local places and culture, having local guides that know the destination well is very helpful (example, they know the local behaviour, what to avoid and way of doing things). Hence, having them around will improve the stability and reduce unwanted things.

One of the main objectives of our company is to promote local culture and sustainability. So, we will always lean towards accommodations and activities that involve the locals. Such as, visiting local villages and by that, guests will know the unique way of living and experience it directly with the local people. Sometimes we also offer cooking class to the guests since it is a very unique experience too. Not only cooking, but on some occasions, the guests will be brought directly to the fresh market (so they experience shopping local ingredients for cooking at the local market) and go back to the hotel/place where they will do the cooking class. Having all of these, the local community will also get the benefit by having tourists visiting their place.

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