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Nepal Myths and Mountain Trails (NMMT) was founded in 1996 and registered under the Company Act 1991, Government of Nepal in order to provide efficient and unmatched services in the field of trekking in the Himalayas, mountaineering expeditions and other adventure holidays in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Since the beginning, our main objective invariably has remained to offer standard and quality services to our valued guest and to acquaint them with the unparalleled warm and friendly hospitality of the Himalayan culture and traditions. We at NMMT profoundly maintain great awareness in our effort to address to all needs of our clients during their holidays in Nepal. To this effect, NMMT always remain dedicated, well informed and updated to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the guests. Nepal Myths and Mountain Trails is a private owned mountaineering expedition and trekking company, which offers one of the widest selections of adventurous and fun-packed trekking and tour packages in Nepal as well as in Tibet. Mountaineering, rock climbing, white water rafting and trekking are the major activities that you can experience. However, the rich flora and fauna in areas en-route and the unique cultures and lifestyles of the many villages you pass across offer other areas of explorations. We can gear the trip to suit the interests of the guests should we receive requests ahead in time. During the treks, tours or expeditions our highly trained and experienced staff will look after your needs; be it in learning about the different aspects of the people and places you come across throughout your trip, or organizing your back packs or getting help for health related problems etc. Indeed, Nepal offers a wide variety of attractions to match the taste and interest of every age groups. Variation in climate enchanting snow-capped mountains, evergreen forests and jungles, hills, valleys, fascinating archaeological and historical sites, monuments and the diverse language, religion and culture of the many ethnic communities throughout the country, should be enough attraction for anyone without doubt. NMMT is here to invite you to visit this beautiful country. It will be our greatest pleasure to have the opportunity to organize your holidays in the Himalayas. We take the opportunity to assure you that we will leave no grounds untoiled to make your visit to Nepal an unforgettable experience of your life.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Nepal Myths & Mountain Trails employs highly dedicated and experienced manpower for the trips organized. All the official works and logistical arrangements are managed from Kathmandu based office of NMMT and field jobs like running the treks, climbing, or expeditions are handled by our experienced guides and Sherpa’s who are originally from the trek selected regions. Our guides are well capable of guiding the trips with full expertise being a local resident of the same area where the trekking will be organized.

Moreover, the travellers will be accommodated in the local standard lodges for the overnight stays which are operated by the locals and foods will be provided in the same lodge in an authentic way. Travellers’ can get to select food from the menu provided by the lodge for lunch and dinner but local Nepali cuisine is mostly selected by most travellers. This way we will be contributing to the local economy in an explicit way and develop the lifestyles of the rural area residents. In some places, the local community separates certain percentage of the price paid by the travellers in a reserve fund to be used in the development of that area. And this way, we will also be contributing for the development of that particular area in an implicit way.

Environmental responsibility

While in the process of planning of any trips, all the conversations are carried out in paperless communication platform with systematic use of online communication module and emails where the use of paper is almost null or very minimum.

During any climbing or expedition trips, all the garbage are carried down and disposed in proper way as per the direction of Nepal Government.

All the trek destinations levies certain fees as National park fees or area conservation fees which will financially help in regular supervision and conservation of conservation areas and National parks that lies in the trekking routes or destination.

While on the trek, we always recommend the travellers to carry the reusable water bottles and fill them again with boiled water from the lodges to help keep the environment clean from plastic bottles.

Our customers are suggested to implement recycling habits into their daily life as it is one of the most effective ways to help lessen landfill waste, conserve natural resources, save habitats, reduce pollution, cut down on energy consumption, and slow down global warming.

Through out the trek we will be using local Tea house accommodation, which are socially responsible and have more initiatives in sustainable development activities. It will help to generate more employment opportunities for the local people and will also be very helpful to encourage the local entrepreneur.

We promote actions and attitudes in our employees that demonstrate ethical behavior. We train them in conservation of water, keeping them constantly informed about improvements or changes; and incorporating guidelines for a responsible consumption into their routines and activities.
We educate guest by raising awareness among them, controlling and reducing water consumption, informing them about the developing strategies of each area. We also inform customers about the importance of saving water. With simple behavioral changes, such as reducing the number of towels a day or closing the taps when they are not being used, we can make improvements and involve guests in a management system that takes care of the environment and is sustainable over time.
During the trip planning phase, we always advise our clients about the political and environmental situation of the destination which is in the plan of visit. If there is any political issues going on which makes risk to visit then we advise some alternatives or suggest to postpone the visit to that place until the situation gets normal. Similarly, in case of any environmental issues (like landslides, flood, etc.) which normally occurs during monsoon, we pre-inform the clients about the situation and suggest alternatives or postponement option.

Social responsibility

Initially Nepal Myths & Mountain Trails had taken an initiation in founding primary level school name Pangoneja Primary School in Pangom in 1997 AD with direct effort of Mr. Ngima Dorji Sherpa, Managing Director of NMMT and later another primary school was also estabilished at Kharikhola in 1998 and the name of the school was kept Mera Primary School. Both schools are currently on operation and providing education to local village children and to children from the nearby villages.

In 2005, Pema Namding Monastery was built in Kharikhola which also provides education to the monk students with all food and hostel arrangements free of cost. The monastery has numbers of life members and life patrons who have been supporting financially for its operation.

NMMT had established a small hospital named Kharikhola Hospital in Kharikhola village and had organized free medical camp with participation of foreign doctors and nurses in collaboration of Nepalese doctors from Dhulikhel Hospital until 2015. However, due to lack of funds the medical camp has not been operated in participation of foreign doctors recently. But after the devastating earthquake of 2015, NMMT took a great initiation in raising the funds to supply food and zinc sheets for roofing purpose to local affected residents of Bhittari Village, Namadi VDC, Ramechhap district and Kharikhola Village, Juving VDC, Solukhumbu districts. Almost around 700 households were benefited from this roofing project.

Still we are looking for interested lifelong members and patrons for raising funds and supports for the long term operation of Pema Namding Monastery and also to sponsor educational fee, medical treatment, to the children of poor family living in rural parts of Nepal.

After the travellers arrive Nepal, we organize a short visit at the hotel lobby in convenient time to discuss about the trek plan and the situation going on at the trek destination which makes them relieved and gives a safe feeling while travelling.Our expert guides will always be there with clients in case of any obstacles and keep our guests in first priority in regards to safety.

The guides will explain and accompany with the travellers in case there are any local festivals going on (like Mani Rimdu Festival in Everest Region or Tiji Festival in Mustang region) and help them understand its importance and history so far as possible. If the travellers are interested, a visit to local schools/ monasteries can be organized where they can make some donations as financial help to the organizations.

Besides all this, we also inform clients to dress decently while stay in Nepal and avoid giving sweets, money or any food to the local children on the trail to discourage begging behaviour of locals. But we encourage tipping to the local guides and porters who assist them during the trekking for comfort of the trekkers. Also there are certain foods like beef, which are banned in Nepal and are pre-informed to the clients.

Travellers are suggested to be more focused on Eco-tourisms and Green tourism so that they can help to preserve the wildlife and the environment and also help to minimize negative impact on local cultures.

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