Frontier Adriatic

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We are a family run travel company, focused on active holidays for small groups. We offer tours on demand as well as some
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We employ local guides who are professional, multilingual and knowledgeable about areas where they are guiding. We believe this is the best for our guests, local economy and our business. Also, our suppliers and partners are local and need to have same “green” vision as we have.
Our activities (sailing, kayaking, biking, hiking, diving) gives our guest a chance to explore authentic areas located off the beaten path where tourism is not the main source of income and see the real deal. This also helps in developing those areas.
The main focus of our services is to show local and authentic values of Croatia and Slovenia as well as support local businesses.
In order to preserve the nature we cooperate with Green Sails initiative, support “Save the blue heart of Europe” and project “Boterstvo”

Environmental responsibility

Beautiful and pristine environment is one of the key elements our region has to offer. We are fully aware of global pollution trends and are big supporters of “Green” tourism and other organizations. We are collaborating with Green Sails organization in order to protect the nature, especially the ocean and to promote recycling and sustainable tourism.
We encourage our guests to take trips during the off-peak period to prevent overstraining resources. We also educate them on how to reduce impact on the nature and mostly the feedback is great which results in environmentally aware travellers who then go home and continue with the movement and spreading the idea.
Sustainable and environmentally friendly transport - bikes, kayaks, rafts, paddleboards, bikes and sailing boats are means of transportation on our tours. Our company also owns 2 hybrid vehicles.
Copy and printing machines are set to double side printing. We use recycled paper and all of our emails end with “THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT!” call to action. All our guests receive guidelines and tips how to travel and act according to responsible tourism.

Social responsibility

Our tours are designed not only to show natural beauties of our area but also to get the filing of local life, present and past, to meet local people and understand their traditions (fisherman, farmers…) and culture. During our active tours, we include local visits, whether it is local eco farm, wine cellar, olive oil production, lavender oil production, meet a fisherman or similar.

Agro tourism – highlights of our tours are agro tourism venues, where farmers and fisherman prepare home made products and provide them for our guests. In these areas it is possible to taste ancient specialties, see unique sites (old stone olive press, wine cellars, ancient kitchen) and hear “special “stories which cannot be found and seen in most of standard touristic destinations and offers. All the products tasted in agro tourism are being produced locally and helps contimue local traditions and sustainable tourism.
On top of it our tours are guided by local guides in partnership with local “green oriented” partners

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