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Live Love Ride operates cycling holidays in Portugal, aiming to provide amazing experiences by the Portuguese backroads and trails. Accompanied by experienced local riders you will get to know the country's rich culture and historic background, taste the local gastronomy and wines and relax at charming hotels . All our cycling holidays are designed with your happiness in mind and we are always on the lookout for the best bike spots in the country to further improve them. From the best hotels, meals, wine tasting experiences and museums to mechanical and technical support during the rides, high-.end bicycles and gear for improved comfort and performance, we design and guide our clients in integrated experiences with the best Portugal has to offer.
Member since: 07 Dec 2018

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We use local guides on all our tour activities and chartered transport.
- We hire local service providers for tours we operate, like local transfers, restaurants, hotels, etc;
- We operate tours outside densely operated areas and cities, both in inland and coastal Portugal, helping to share the economic impact of tourism with communities that are as not easily accessible;

we only suggest and book meals on local restaurants, that best represent the region's culture

Environmental responsibility

We plant 1 tree per client we receive in our tours, to help offset our carbon footprint and to preserve the natural parks we operate tours in, with local Portuguese ONG “Plantar uma árvore”;
- We are developing an app for users to use during their tours with us, in order to reduce the need for printing information like route books and such;
- We encourage users to recycle all materials used on our tours, recycle all tour materials and educate our guests about the fragility of the local ecosystems;
- We only operate tours by bike or on foot, which are activities with low environmental impact;

We ask travellers to reduce their water usage especially during the summer, as droughts are common in Portugal

we share tips on how to reduce your footprint on the routebooks we provide to the clients prior and during our tours

Social responsibility

we help preserve and maintain local traditions, like UNESCO world heritage immaterial patrimony, hiring local singers for spectacles of “Cante Alentejano”;
- we visit local projects like family owned pottery shops, lunching in local family houses, etc;

We provide travellers with pre trip information on the social and political situation even though Portugal and Spain ( where our tours focus on) are generally peaceful and safe countries to visit

We visit local cork oak factories, local vineyards and cellars, local tapestry factories, where artisans work, with direct economic impact to local economies

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