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At EYsailing we organize authentic, interactive, experiential and cultural sailing trips in the Ionian Sea and in the Corinthian Gulf. During these interactive sailing trips, our guests share feelings, pictures from landscapes and experiences from Greece. These sailing trips include swimming in beautiful beaches in Greece and sailing from island to island which you can only visit with a sailing yacht! There are also activities which introduce the uniqueness and beauty of each place. Our trips are also rich in cultural and exploration content with hiking in fruitful paths to enjoy amazing view and talk with local people, tasting local Greek gastronomy, visiting archaeological and natural sites and attending local festivals! An exploration of the Ionian Sea below the sea level is an additional part of the trip to really get to know the environment and local culture. Our goal is to accompany and guide our guests through the culture, the history, the land and the taste and build a deep and qualitative relationship with each place we sail to. EY+ is something more than holidays. It can be your way of life!
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All our partners are local. Cleaning services , mechanics and maintanance and suppliers. We use mainly products from around the area : honey from independed producer, olive oil from our olive trees, herbs that we collect during our trips. Visiting also local museums and exhibitions is another way to support the locals. Finally we suggest to our guests to buy hand made and local souvenirs.

We are also sponsors to the Sailing Club of Patras in Greece for organising local sailing races and educating young sailors because we believe the more we get involved in the Sea the more we love it.

Environmental responsibility

Since we travel on a sailboat we use sails as much as possible, so we are moving with zero fuel and zero emissions. We use solar panels to generate electricity which is much “greener” than the solid fuel generator or the shore electric power.
While sailing we try to minimize the use of fresh water. That means that dish washing, for example, can be mostly done with sea water. We encourage our guests not to waste fresh water in general because the supply is already difficult on the islands.
Marine life is something that we love, respect and try to protect. We advise our guests not to hurt any creature for fun, like sea urchins and sea shells. Minimise the use of sunscreens that generally pollute the sea, avoid the use of single use plastic (that we try to minimise onboard) and try to collect any floating piece of plastic that we found during our swims. We provide snorkelling equipment to all the guests and with our guidance we visit the underwater scenery and start learning the underwater world, from fish and crabs to poseidonia and alge, so our guests understand the importance of each to the marine ecosystem.

Social responsibility

Local guides are employed some times when needed to either visit an archaeological site or for a guided hike or for other aquatic activities or even wine tasting. The guests also visit available local festivals that highlight aspects of local culture.
We also design and offer custom and personalised holidays and, therefore, work against a major problem of Greece which is mass tourism. We don’t promote “all-inclusive” packages and do not organise massive flotillas (like many companies that work on the sailing holidays sector.

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