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DOCA TOURS your competent partner for travel in Central Asia. Together with You, we organize your individual tour, alone or in a group. If you wish, we can accompany you and show you the fascinating culture of the Silk Road and the colorful culture of Central Asian countries. In our group tours together with like-minded people, you can visit historical sites and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of lively cities. Reliability and first-class quality are priorities for DOCA TOURS. Thanks to the excellent collaboration between our team and our partners, thanks to our experience in organizing and carrying out tours, and thanks to excellent local guides with a good knowledge of languages, local culture and local people, we can offer you a unique experience: travel with us to the fairytale and utterly different world of oriental Central Asia at very affordable prices. Write to us or contact our partners in Germany! We are available for you at all times! Your DOCA TOURS Team
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our companies priority is not only own profit but also bringing opportunities to local people and their small entrepreneurships more impact through our projects. We hire and pay different people (home stay, hostel runners, catering people, transportation agencies bringing more income to each of them respectively). Some of our tour packages include/involve individual and/or tailor-made schedule, through which tourists can visit, pay for their extra detour activities themselves at places and purchase items produced by local artisans. Our clients may purchase some locally made cultural products, donate, contribute their part in different aspects of activities.

We hire only licensed transportation companies and their licensed drivers to take our client around the country. Even for transfers and connections between hotels and airport and/or train station we use only licensed coaches, to ensure the safety and punctuality for our customers. As for guides we hire local guides to introduce our country fully in the maters of culture, tradition and national identity. We do pay them fair wages to make them work hard and satisfactory, and also to have these drivers and guides work for us for many years and seasons we do often briefings to get the knowledge of their issues while working with us and our customers.

Concerning the food and the drinks we work with local restaurant and hotels that provide safe food and beverages. For lodgings outside of urban areas, we investigate the food they provide and instruct them to prepare food in accordance with hygienic regulations. Some rural areas based camping and lodging local family run home stay premises cannot reach easily central market place so we buy ourselves food products to take there, along with our clients. Guides and drivers buy fresh products on the way to those distant destinations.

Environmental responsibility

We use only environment friendly guesthouses, hostels and hotels. And always keep instructing local entrepreneurs not to pollute the environment, which is also main part of responsible tourism. Keeping our city and rural areas clean and safe.

Nowadays, people interested on making money using their houses and lodgings to rent for foreign tourists. Some giant home stay facilities try to be only one home stay provider so they may transform the villages into modernized lodging places with bath tabs, air conditioned places, which ruins the atmosphere of being isolated from urbanity. And also they try to get most number of tourists, competing with other individual entrepreneurs. So we assure them not to exaggerate conditions and facilities by checking their facilities in the beginning of each touristic season.

In Uzbekistan we are also cautious about using papers as less as possible also reusing of used papers. At our office we discuss and ensure the employees not to print out without necessity to it. And we have digital database where all documents and agreements are shown online. We also use Google drive to share information online for all access granted members of our company.

The hotels or home stay facilities urged to use stickers with information about consumption of water and energy resources to be friendly to environment. We also observed and suggest to others to provide leaflets within hotel rooms saying that unused or reusable face towels and bath towels not to throw onto the floor so room maids can leave these items, in order not to take to the laundry service again.

Nowadays in Uzbekistan as well, there less and less places where it is possible to smoke in the public. All hotels transformed into non-smoking indoors. Also in each cities and towns there are more and more trash bins being installed by mayor of the cities. Uzbekistan is a clean and safe place to travel because mentally uzbek people are tended to be neat and accurate in the matters of purification. Every house and workshop member interested in well-being and cleanness of their area. They do clean or hire people to clean their premises. And we have a special department within mayor office which is in charge of cleanness of the whole city. Seeing ongoing actions and results of the tidiness travelers do their decisions and keep our towns clean. Wise verse our local people also try to be competent to the world standards on minimizing damage to the environment.

Social responsibility

Through taking our tourists to distant place we stimulate urban and rural project runners, making it possible to them have their benefit out of tourism and they in their own turn hire, instruct and educate their personnel in accordance with humane, cultural and self-esteemed morality.

We always work on development; improvement and encouragement of people who work with us in order keep in touch with ongoing globalization in international tourism industry. We teach and instruct them how to behave or misbehave to attract and not to distract tourists` attention. Ask them take into consideration comments and complains of customers on different issues.

We work with different travel agencies and companies, also with customers directly who buys our tour products online. We offer them several tour packages and they choose where to go within Central Asia. And we assure the safety of travel, social and mental characteristics of the people of a certain region. What to wear or not to wear at places. Also they ask directly us the questions they are interested in.

Our guides before beginning of the tour have a briefing with tourists, and before each activity and the start of the next day they do give information about the issues to consider. During the day as well, at place and before visiting such places as local house, mosques, holy sites guests given information what to do and not to do to be in the same line with local people and avoid cultural gap.

We have some tour where tourists visit local people`s houses. Craftsmen centre, bakeries run by local family, home stay lodging facilities, family restaurants or houses where they observe master class of local dish preparation.

Tourism is not the industry where tourists and tour companies deal between each others. They also provide economical benefits to local individual entrepreneurs, workshops by paid visiting or buying some locally produced products of their creative masterpieces. We usually give suggestions to our guests to pay visit to workshops funded or/and developed by the initiative of UNESCO, or by local individuals, where they create jobs for local community. It is important that tourists see what they are buying and who will get the benefit out of their purchase, donation. Through taking our tourists to distant place we stimulate urban and rural project runners, making it possible to them have their benefit out of tourism and they in their own turn hire, instruct and educate their personnel in accordance with humane, cultural and self-esteemed morality.