Cycling in India

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We are a local cycling tour operator committed to authentic tourism and determined to minimize impact on the environment. Along our cycling routes, we link rural communities and small towns with well-known historical sites to provide coherent and powerful story of current and ancient life in India. We provide complete service: map the routes, provide and maintain the Trek bikes, provide cycling guides, choose the region’s best hotels and restaurants, arrange tours and special experiences, and offer backup vehicles. Our guests get exercise and work up an appetite to enjoy locally sourced and prepared meals. Local community’s food, historic hotels, handicrafts, architecture and traditions are part of our packages.
Member since: 18 Feb 2019

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Developing countries and rural areas have fewer income earning opportunities, less education options and little access to capital. Tourism is an effective tool for job creation, by increasing demand for local goods and services, by creating need for improvements in infrastructure and education, while providing foreign investment. Our approach to economic responsibility includes the entire travel value chain.

We hire local agents, travel and cycling guides and transportation service providers.

Wherever possible we stay in community run hotels and work with locally and family owned businesses that employ local residents.

We give back to local communities in the Ranthambore National Park and North East of India by providing guiding equipment and books to unemployed youth to help them find jobs as wildlife and birding guides. With more regular source of income they can stop hunting.

Environmental responsibility

Overall we concentrate our environmental responsibility commitment on the following areas:


The goals of environmental responsibility at our office include improving the office use of resources and technology in order to create a healthier working environment, to reduce energy consumption, and to lower operating costs.
Our office in Delhi is in convenient location for commuters and all our staff travels to office by public transportation.


We work with hotels and restaurants that use local and seasonal produce to reduce haulage costs and environmental impact of transportation. We monitor food preparation and packaging of supplies, and encourage reusability, recycling and waste management in an environmentally conscious manner. Where possible, we use reusable boxes and buy refills to reduce the consumption of single use plastic and other materials. We ensure that responsible guest and staff behavior is fostered with regard to the environment and create awareness that natural resources should be used sparingly and only when needed.


We promote travel that does not exploit or harm animals, and work towards the preservation of biodiversity. We support NGO called "Tiger Watch”, an organization with primary objective of conservation and protection of wildlife, with focus on keeping the Tigers of Ranthambore safe from extinction. We provide funding for projects and surveys that gather information about critically endangered Gharial, a crocodile native to the Indian subcontin HYPERLINK ""ent, on the brink of extinction.

We choose to travel by bike, minimizing transportation carbon footprint, and educate our guides and guests on the importance of looking after the areas they are visiting.

Social responsibility

Social commitment has a firm place in our company culture and we regard it as our contribution to the sustainable development of society, while helping communities to preserve heritage and culture.

Wherever possible we choose to stay in historic hotels and resorts thus helping to preserve them.

Our tours include visits to local communities, schools and countryside not traditionally included in tourism places. Our guests have an opportunity to present and discuss topics related to benefits of cycling. We believe opportunities for meetings between local people and guests provide genuine experiences, promote cultural exchange and sharing of local customs.

We provide opportunities for our guests to visit local artisans and locally owned businesses to make authentic and sustainably-made souvenir, local products and handicrafts purchases.